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‘CSI: Vegas’ Head Says There Would ‘No Longer’ Be a Show If It Didn’t Stay True to Science

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

CSI has always focused on science. It has also kept that up for CSI: Vegas. True to technology, kept up with modern changes, and proven that it tries to get everything as accurate as possible within the TV show time limit. What would CSI: Vegas be without the science?

According to executive producer Anthony Zuiker: nothing.

There would be no CSI without the science.

“The franchise was built around William Petersen and Gil Grissom and in these sort of science-challenged times where science is up for scrutiny in the public eye,” Zuiker told TV Insider. “And just where we are in our country, [there’s] even more reason why we wrote Gil Grissom to be the sort of poster child of science equals truth.”

Zuiker made it clear that if they started to challenge what the science could do, and “diminish the integrity of science as the groundwork of forensics,” it would subsequently end the show. CSI: Vegas depends heavily on real-life science and forensics to back up the storytelling. Without that, the story would fall flat on its face.

‘CSI: Vegas’: Gil Grissom’s Back and Ready to Rumble

In the most recent CSI: Vegas episode, Gil Grissom threw himself fully into the investigation, following the evidence as he is wont to do. If we can describe Gil Grissom in one way, it’s “dedicated to the evidence.” His dedication even put him a bit at odds with his wife Sara Sidle. Sara believes someone set up their former colleague David Hodges; Grissom is determined to not rule anything out. Even if it means condemning one of their former friends.

“We have to establish conflict between husband and wife,” said Zuiker. “But in the end, they do have a lot of history.” Zuiker went on to state that Sara and Grissom are going to go through a lot as a couple and as a professional team. They’ve already been in two situations with former colleagues. “We’ll get to learn different colors of the characters as they navigate through those waters,” Zuiker said.

“Those waters” include David Hodges possibly being the guy who’s trying to bring down the CSI: Vegas crime lab. Although, he’s been living as an expert witness all this time. He has a wife, and a family. In the episode, nothing indicated that things from his home were burgled and planted at the storage unit. So how did his fingerprints get all over the evidence?

“He still has a toe in law enforcement,” said Zuiker of Hodges. “He still has a toe in investigating. He’s been freelancing in that world for a while, which even is a cause for more scrutiny or a cause and a case for vindication.” Zuiker concluded, “we won’t reveal where that’s going to go until the finale.”

So, the questions remain: is someone setting Hodges up to take the fall? Or is he the one bringing the crime lab down?

Only time–and Gil Grissom–can tell.