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‘CSI: Vegas’ Introduces Fans to the ‘Mastermind of the Morgue’ Ahead of Show’s Upcoming Premiere

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images For CBS)

We are just over a week away from the series premiere of the new CSI installment CSI: Vegas, and just when it seems longtime fans of the hit CBS investigative drama couldn’t get more excited, the show drops one amazing teaser; introducing us to one of the many new CSI characters we can expect to meet in the October series premiere.

“Meet Hugo Ramirez,” the CSI: Vegas Twitter page noted in a Sunday afternoon tweet.

“Mastermind of the morgue,” the September 26 post continues. “#CSIVegas premieres Wednesday, October 6 on CBS.”

Not much is known yet about this new CSI: Vegas “mastermind of the morgue;” who is played by former Last Man On Earth actor, Mel Rodriguez.

What we do know, however, is that Hugo is part of the newest CSI team; which is headed by Maxine Roby who is portrayed by Paula Newsome.

Where Are They Now?

This brand new addition to the CSI universe has been advertised as a kind of sequel – or epilogue, really – to the original CSI series, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

While this new show will bring an entirely new series to CBS later this month, it does take place where it all began for the CSI universe: Las Vegas.

In the newest series, William Peterson will reprise his role as Gil Grissom; when he returns to the lab in CSI: Vegas.

Returning with Grissom is another former CSI: Crime Scene Investigation player, Sara Sidle, who is portrayed by Jorja Fox. Also returning to the screen in the new series is Wallace Langham’s, David Hodges.

Your Reputation Procedes You, Sara Sidle

Last month, the CSI: Vegas Twitter page offered a sneak peek of what fans can expect in the new series.

“Your reputation precedes you, Sara Sidle,” read the message in the August 4 Twitter post.

“Win or lose, I’ve got plans for you,” continued the intriguing message that accompanied a twenty-second look at the new series.

Joining Grissom, Sidle, and Hodges in their return to the CSI laboratories is Jim Brass, another CSI: Crime Scene Investigation player. Brass is played by Paul Guilfoyle in the series. And, according to reports, he is set to return in at least two of the upcoming CSI: Vegas episodes.

This new series will be picking up at the time in their lives that the former CSI characters would be right now; over five years since the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation series finale.

‘CSI: Vegas’ Is Introducing A Whole New Team

In the October 6 premiere episode, viewers will be introduced to a whole new team on CSI: Vegas.

However, the past seems to have a way of returning to the CSI officers. And this new team soon finds themselves facing an issue that can only be solved with the help of the CSI agent alums. So they call in agents Gil Grissom, Sara Sidle, David Hodges, and Jim Brass.

The new team of officers, headed by Newsome’s character Maxine Roby includes Matt Lauria as CSI: Vegas level three officer Josh Folsom; Mandeep Dhillon as level two CSI officer; and Mel Rodriguez as Hugo Ramirez as the series reboot’s medical examiner.