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‘CSI: Vegas’: Matt Lauria Previews ‘All Hands’ Situation To Get Involved in the Case

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Robert Voets/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

“CSI: Vegas” has been putting the lab at stake for the entirety of season one, and now every CSI needs to come together to help save it. Things are getting desperate for the team, and they’re going to have to work with each other if they want to keep their jobs at the lab. So far, Sara and Grissom haven’t really interacted with Folsom or Allie for any significant amount of time; but it looks like now they’re going to have to get comfortable with each other real quick.

Matt Lauria chronicled the struggle the lab is going to go through, and how important it is to crime-solving. TV Insider asked Lauria about the two different elements of the show, the Hodges case, and the mysteries-of-the-week, and if everyone’s going to get together to save the lab. “Max is the one who’s mostly been switching between both,” he started, “and Allie and Josh have been handling the cases each week and haven’t been that engaged. I haven’t even interacted as much with Sara or Gil.” It’s a shame because Grissom and Folsom seem like they’d bond over following the evidence.

“But as we get closer and closer to getting the guy,” Lauria continued, “you’ll see Allie get more involved, and it becomes an all-hands on deck situation.” Judging by promo photos for the finale episode, it looks to be Allie-centric. Mandeep Dhillon, who plays Allie, also said recently that the end of season one will delve deeper into Allie’s personal life. Does something happen to someone close to her? Is us meeting her boyfriend Mark just fuel on the Folsom-and-Allie fire, or is there something more sinister going on?

‘CSI: Vegas’: Matt Lauria Talks About ‘Running Out of Season’ Tell Story

Lauria really drives home the crime lab’s importance and how much everyone loves it, saying, “You’ll see everybody rally to really stand up for justice and stand up for our lab because our lab is so vital to the process of justice.”

The crime lab is the beating heart of “CSI: Vegas.” Without it, there’s no show. So, it’s crucial that the team steps in and saves it from certain destruction. Lauria also spoke about that storyline, and how he feels they’re “running out of season” to solve the case.

“We only have 10 episodes,” he said, “so it’s starting to get a little tense. We don’t get this thing figured out, we could be going into next season.” Currently, there hasn’t been any news about “CSI: Vegas” being picked up for a second season, but our fingers are definitely crossed.