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‘CSI: Vegas’: Max and Hugo are a Dynamic Duo and This Moment Proves It

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Maxine Roby and Hugo Ramirez are tooling around in the morgue in a clip from CSI: Vegas episode 3, “Under the Skin.” In the episode, a female game developer gets stabbed to death. Her jealous male colleague used 3D-printed swords from their video game to kill her.

Such is the question when Maxine and Hugo are examining the body: what could the killer have used that didn’t leave marks on her bones?

In the examination, Hugo reveals that there are 13 stab wounds, 12 in the chest and one in the throat. Some of the wounds are so deep, they almost go right through, Hugo tells Maxine.

Maxine speculates that from the angle of the blade, the killer hit the victims ribs, but there are no tool marks. Hugo confirms that there are none, and then suggests that whatever the killer used to stab the victim with was softer than bone. Maxine asks what the knives could have been made of.

“Who knows,” Hugo replies, “I could make you a razor sharp blade out of a cardboard box.” Maxine quips, “I do have a birthday coming up.”

Hugo goes on to tell Maxine that the victim scratched her attacker. Maxine subsequently swabs for DNA under the victim’s fingernails. This clip is rich in the typical CSI-level science that we all know and love. It’s a great look into Hugo and Maxine’s dynamic, and where they could go as two team leaders; Hugo as the head medical examiner, and Maxine as the head of the entire crime lab.

‘CSI: Vegas’: Maxine is a “Bit of a Rule Breaker”

Paula Newsome, who plays Maxine Roby, has described her character as someone who can bend the rules, but won’t allow anyone else to.

“Other people can’t break the rules,” Newsome told Parade recently. “It’s like, ‘Don’t you know the rules?’ But she is willing to bend the rules in order to make sure that the lab is protected. So, she’s a closet rule breaker.”

Maxine showed firsthand that she’s willing to break the rules in “Honeymoon in Vegas,” the second episode in the series. In the episode, she finds a way to get Gil Grissom on the Hodges case, even though he and Sara technically aren’t allowed to work on it. She treated it like an animal cruelty case, and brought Grissom on as an entomology expert. Meanwhile, they were actually working the dead dog angle as a smaller part of the Hodges case.

Smart move, Miss Roby, smart move.

Now, Internal Affairs has taken the case away from the CSI. How will Maxine reconcile that, and what will Gil and Sara do to clear their former colleague? Or, possibly, arrest him? We’ll have to stick around to see more of Maxine, Hugo, Sara, Grissom, and the rest of the team.