‘CSI: Vegas’: Meet the New Cast Members of the Upcoming Series

by Anna Dunn

The CSI franchise is making a comeback in a big way with CSI: Vegas. The upcoming series already has a cast lined up. The show will debut on October 6th this year and serve as an epilogue to the original CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

The original CSI: Crime Scene Investigation aired from 2000 to 2015. The action-packed series followed a crime scene investigation unit as they worked to uncover the perpetrators of grizzly crimes. It produced a multitude of spinoffs during its time including CSI: NY, CSI: Miami, and CSI: Cyber.

“I’m excited to be bringing back the ‘CSI’ franchise to all our fans who have been so loyal to us for all these years,” executive producer Jerry Bruckheimer told Deadline. “And to be back in Las Vegas where it all started over 20 years ago makes it even more special.”

The ‘CSI: Vegas’ Cast Has a Lot of Returning Actors

For those worried this will be just another disconnected spinoff, that’s not the case at all. CSI: Vegas will find William Petersen returning as Gil Grissom, Jorja Fox returning as Sara Sidle, and Wallace Langham returning as David Hodges. Not only that, but homicide detective Jim Brass actor Paul Guilfoyle will return as well.

But the series will also bring about a bunch of new fresh faces. First, Paula Newsome, known for her appearances on Little Miss Sunshine and Guess Who will join the cast. Newsome will play Maxine, who is the new head of the crime lab.

Matt Lauria is also joining CSI: Vegas. Lauria is known for his work on Kingdom, Friday Night Lights, and Shaft. He’ll play a level three crime scene investigator named Joshua Folsom, adding another crucial person to their team. Mel Rodriguez is another new face in the cast. Rodriguez will play medical Examiner Hugo Ramirez. Rodrigues is also known for his work on Little Miss Sunshine as well as Panic Room and The Watch.

Finally, Mandeep Dhillon is slated to play Allie Rajan. Dhillon has a very impressive resume. The actress has been in Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker, After Life, and 24.

While this isn’t the definitive cast, this is who we know is going to be a part of the upcoming epilogue series. CSI: Vegas has already begun production. In fact, CBS recently released a nail-biting promo for the show.

The New Series Has a New Promo

According to its synopsis, CSI: Vegas should be intense.

“Facing an existential threat that could bring down the entire Crime Lab and release thousands of convicted killers back onto the neon-lit streets of Vegas, a brilliant new team of investigators led by Maxine Roby (Newsome) must enlist the help of old friends Gil Grissom, Sara Sidle and David Hodges,” the official synopsis says.

The promo captioned Truth Lies Here, gives fans a sneak preview of characters new and old returning to TV. You can watch it below. But just as a warning, fans will definitely want October 6th to get here faster.