‘CSI: Vegas’ Shares Ominous Message: ‘Your Day in Court Will Come’

by Jonathan Howard
Photo: Robert Voets/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

This season of CSI: Vegas is full of drama. It appears that David Hodges is going to get his day in court, but will it be a fair day? The show’s Twitter account teased the upcoming episode.

For Hodges, it looks like he is going to have to get his way out of a sticky situation. There is a lot at stake if Hodges is found guilty in court. However, he does have gunshot residue test results in his favor. Hopefully, that is enough to get him out of the predicament. It is clear that there is something else going on with the case.

In the photo that the show shared on social media, it doesn’t look like he is in good spirits. No matter how earnestly he believes he should be free, it takes a day in court to determine what his future will be. The team has been working to get evidence that will help his case. That remains to be seen, though. Check out the ominous photo below.

“Your day in court will come… sooner rather than later,” the CSI: Vegas post says.

In the replies, there were many fans who were expressing their excitement for the new episode. This Wednesday will hopefully reveal all to viewers. Replies ranged from excitement to messages of support for Hodges. Fans are definitely invested in the show.

For Hodges, the case on CSI: Vegas continues. Sara Sidle and Gil Grissom are doing their best to bring new evidence to light to exonerate the man. Despite that, it doesn’t look great. This setup was put together very well it seems. There has been little to no help from Internal Affairs. So, this is going to come down to the wire.

‘CSI: Vegas’ To Reveal More About Josh’s Family

One thing that fans can look forward to in addition to the Hodges trial, is more about Josh. CSI: Vegas star Matt Lauria has teased the fact that there will be ‘little hints’ to show viewers more about his character’s family. The backstory is what makes these characters feel real. Fans love to know the little things that make the characters the way they are.

As the team gets more used to one another, they are opening up more. That includes Josh. Lauria said, “So I think Josh is beginning to open up to expose himself a little more and extend himself a little bit more in a way that he normally wouldn’t.”

In a previous episode, one that featured a bloody horse with one cowboy boot left in the stirrup, Josh hinted a bit at his past. The CSI: Vegas star mentioned that his dad made him work at race track stables. Josh would give him gambling tips about which horses were feeling good or bad. So, it will be very interesting to dive a bit more into that past and see what makes the character tick.