‘CSI: Vegas’: Paula Newsome Reveals How She’s Similar To Her Character Maxine Roby

by Taylor Cunningham
Paramount+. Pictured: Paula Newsome as Maxine Roby Photo: Erik Voake/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The much-loved CSI franchise keeps expanding. And Paula Newsome landed the starring role in the newest spin-off, CSI: Vegas. In a recent interview, Newsome talked about her new gig and admitted that she and her character have a lot in common.

CSI: Vegas, debuted this month. And it was an immediate hit. Newsome plays the lead investigator, Maxine Roby. And as she told Parade, since she and Roby have very similar personalities, it was easy to settle into her new character.

“We have a very similar energetic pattern,” she admitted. “One of my last roles was on Barry, and she was very analytical. She was edgier than Maxine.”

On Barry, Newsome played Detective Janice Moss, which was a somewhat similar role. Both characters are tough women working in a man’s world. And they’re extremely good at their jobs. But unlike Moss, Maxine Roby has a softer side. And Paula Newsome does too.

“Maxine is a warm, goodhearted, don’t mess with her [woman],” Newsome continued. “We have that a lot. I am a little more sensitive than Maxine. Maxine and I are both fun, easygoing people. Also, Maxine and I are also good at having difficult conversations.”

‘CSI: Vegas’: Gil Grissom Actor William Petersen Says Getting Back To Work Is ‘Like Riding a Bicycle’

When CSI: Vegas premiered on October 6th, we were greeted by a familiar face—Gil Grissom. Grissom’s actor, William Petersen, hadn’t played the part of the sly and sage forensic scientist, or any part for that matter, since the original CSI series wrapped up with a movie in 2015. So, with such a long gap on Petersen’s resume, one could assume that getting back into the job was difficult. But according to an interview with CBS, it was quite the opposite.

“It’s like riding a bicycle, you know? [I’m] back to doing what I know how to do,” the actor said. 

Peterson joined a few other CSI alums for the series. William Fox, Jorja Peterson, Jim Brass, and David Hodges also headed to Vegas to solve the newest batch of high-caliber crimes. And a lot has changed in the forensic world over the past six years. So, the new series has been fun for the returning cast members.

“It’s exciting,” Peterson said, “The technology has advanced, and it’s a different time. There’s different ways of solving crimes. The truth emerges and we just try to get to it as fast as possible.”

William Petersen is happy to be back on the screen with his old friends. And he’s certain that we’ll love watching Grisson and the team in CSI: Vegas just as much as we loved them in the original series.

“Watch CSI [Vegas],” he added confidently. “I think you’ll enjoy it.”