‘CSI: Vegas’ Reveals That the Team Will Be Targeted in Explosive New Trailer

by Joe Rutland

When Outsiders get a chance to see the new “CSI: Vegas” trailer that dropped on Thursday, put your eyes on the explosiveness.

All members of the team have been put on notice that “Justice is coming!” There is some serious work facing the CSI team in Las Vegas.

It will call on both Maxine Roby and Gil Grissom to face the music. They are working to clear the names not only of current “CSI: Vegas” team members. But they have to deal with 20 years of history that brings a lot of attention to all cases.

What are we talking about? Take a look at this trailer that CBS delivered on social media Thursday.

Actress Paula Newsome will play Roby. Yes, your eyes do not deceive you at all. William Petersen returns to the “CSI” family as Grissom. Also, you saw Jorja Fox in the trailer. She also comes back to play Sara Sidle yet again.

Petersen and Fox, obviously, were longtime cast members on “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.” But they come back for “CSI: Vegas.”

‘CSI: Vegas’ Will Feature New Cast With Former Show’s Stars

Both Petersen and Fox admitted they were cautious about returning.

Yet “CSI: Vegas” will have plenty of other cast members to ease the heavy load off Petersen and Fox. For instance, Roby is the head of the Vegas Crime Lab. That’s why she feels like that she is in the crosshairs of all the drama around the CSI world. Meanwhile, Grissom is going to be able to connect the dots with old cases that need to be addressed.

Matt Laura, Mel Rodriguez, and Mandeep Dhillon round out the regular cast members for this new series.

Jamie McShane plays civil attorney Anson Wix in a recurring role. One more connection to the old-school “CSI” show appears in just two episodes. Paul Guilfoyle returns as Las Vegas Police Department Detective Jim Brass. He, too, will be in the middle of working on cases that have been questioned.

As you can see above, “CSI: Vegas” will debut its first episode on Wednesday, Oct. 10, at 10 p.m. Eastern, 9 p.m. Central. Catch it on CBS.

Petersen Recalled How Tough CBS Was Toward Original Show

One thing that Petersen definitely remembers from his involvement in the original series for nine seasons is how tough CBS was on the show.

“They were really tough on us all the way from the pilot through several episodes, Petersen said.

The actor has a role in “CSI: Vegas” this season. He added that once the show found success, producers would go a little easier on “CSI.”

“When the show finally aired and found a broad audience (early), all of a sudden, they were like, ‘Yeah, go ahead! Dig up those bodies!'” Petersen joked.