‘CSI: Vegas’ Star Jorja Fox Promises Show Will Explore Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle’s Relationship

by Lauren Boisvert

Jorja Fox is letting CSI: Vegas fans know that Sara Sidle and Gil Grissom’s relationship will be an important aspect of the show. You don’t bring two people back from a happy life studying whales on a boat and then just not address it, right? With what CSI fans have gone through with those two over the years, they deserve a few episodes dedicated to the pair.

Fox told Entertainment Tonight about the “rare” opportunity she has to reprise a beloved character, and what she’s most looking forward to. “One of the most exciting parts for me of coming back, was there’s been this longstanding love affair between Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle,” she said.

“It’s 21 years old. It’s as old as the series itself,” she continued, “It’s been on-again, it’s been off again. They’ve been separated, they’ve been married, they’ve been divorced. And we haven’t seen very much of any of that on-screen.”

She goes on to note that their relationship wasn’t really written that much into the show. It was a lot of subtext and subtlety. Now, they’re being more open about it. They’ve been together officially for the last six years. After the 2015 series finale, Sara and Grissom rode off together on Grissom’s boat. That’s where they’ve been living all this time. Hopefully, fans will get to see a little bit of slice-of-life action from the couple. Something domestic that wasn’t really prevalent in the show before.

Fox mentions a bit about what Sara and Grissom have been up to, stating, “the last five years or so they’ve been living on a boat, they’ve been traveling the world, they’ve been working for marine mammal conservation and marine habitat conservation, and I think that story is a show that I would actually watch.”

She says that Sara is “effervescent and fun” after being away from violence and death for so long. These past six years with Grissom have changed the character for the better. Hopefully, we get to see a lot of that in the upcoming series.

‘CSI: Vegas’ Crime Lab Gets a Major Upgrade

It’s been six years since CSI ended, and a lot has changed in that time, scientifically at least. It’s only right that the show keeps ahead of the times, and updates their equipment.

Equipment and techniques the CSI team used in 2000 are no longer state-of-the-art; the shows technical advisor, Daniel Holstein, explains that the new look of the lab–big rooms with glass windows–has a lot to do with how much the technology has changed.

“I’ve used scanning electron microscopes before that took up half a room.” Holstein told Variety, “When I saw this device [on CSI: Vegas] you’re talking maybe 2 feet by 3 feet by 3 feet in height. It’s a little box.”

CSI has always put its trust in science. It only makes sense that the show evolves as science does. Catch CSI: Vegas tonight, Wednesday, Oct. 6 at 10 pm on CBS.