‘CSI: Vegas’ Star Jorja Fox Says Show Will Be Less Procedural Than Original

by Megan Molseed

As Jorja Fox prepares to return to the CSI laboratories in tonight’s long-awaited CSI: Vegas premiere she knows things will be a little different this time around.

“The show, at its heart, is it’s a procedural show,” Jorja Fox says of the original CSI series, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation which premiered in 2000.

“You can sit down and watch an episode and you didn’t have to see the episodes that came before,” the actress continues of the original series. “You didn’t have to worry about the episodes that came after.”

While this formula worked very well during CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’s original run from 2000 until 2015, Jorja Fox says that things have changed. And with that, so have procedural storylines.

Changes In Technology Brings Changes To ‘CSI’ In New Series

According to Fox, the popularity of streaming services has changed the type of drama CSI once was.

And, Fox notes, when Sara Sidle returns to the scene of the crime with her former CSI colleague, Gil Grissom (William Peterson) on tonight’s CSI: Vegas premiere episode, there will be quite a few changes along these lines that fans will notice.

“I think five, six years in television and streaming, we’ve seen a return to a line of a story that carries through multiple episodes,” the CSI: Vegas actress says, noting that audiences are really resonating with “character-driven stories” these days. A component that fans can expect to see plenty of on CSI: Vegas.

“It is so much about the characters,” Fox explains.

“Both of those things are two of [showrunner] Jason Tracey’s real strengths,” the actress adds.  “And he decided to go for that.”

The CSI: Vegas star notes that this new series will follow continuous storylines throughout the first season. These storylines will be featuring not only the stars of the series but a continuous storyline related to the crimes they are tracking and trying to solve.

“We’re going to have this crime that is also going to follow the whole storyline,” says Fox. “Hopefully the audience will want to take the journey with us in trying to unravel what happened. ”

In tonight’s premiere episode of CSI: Vegas, fans will see the return of CSI alums Sarah Sidle (Fox) and Gil Grissom (Peterson) as they join the newest members of the CSI investigative team in Las Angeles to help solve a shocking crime.

‘CSI: Vegas’ Will See A Lighter Side Of Sara Sidle

While eager to be back in the CSI labs, Jorja Fox says that her character, Sara Sidle, will be a little more relaxed than fans remember her on the original series.

“When the story opens, we’re going to see like a lighter, upbeat Sara Sidle,” Fox says of her CSI: Vegas character.

“Being away from the Crime Lab for five years and being away from all the things in Las Vegas that were part of her daily life, which is a lot of violence and a lot of death… being away from that for five years, she’s effervescent and fun,” and the actress explains. “We’ll see her like that in a way that we didn’t get to see that much in the length of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.”

Well, at least fans will see Sidle being a little more upbeat for a while, Fox notes. At least until things begin to take some “dark turns,” which, Fox says, they “invariably they do.”