‘CSI: Vegas’ Star Jorja Fox Speaks on ‘Extremely Creepy Moment’ in Crime Lab Scene

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Erik Voake/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Halloween has passed, but “CSI: Vegas” still upped the creep factor in a moment from Wednesday’s episode, titled “Let the Chips Fall.” Jorja Fox spoke with TV Insider about the scene where their suspect in the Hodges frame-up, Martin Kline, actually comes to the crime lab.

“The hope was that she was trying to keep her cool and really seemed like she wasn’t freaked out,” she said, “but yeah, that was an extremely creepy moment, I think maybe one of the scariest in the series for Sara.”

Sara and Grissom don’t usually confront suspects; they follow the evidence, and they’re all about the science. They don’t make arrests. So for a suspect to confront them, that’s got to be scary. Fox elaborated on the rare times when criminals have come after Sara and Grissom, trying to ruin their careers.

“There’d been times in the past where there have been criminals that had had a personal interest in taking Grissom down and taking Sara down,” she said. “Sara really almost lost her life once and she almost lost her job a second time.”

Martin Kline made a critical mistake, though; he called his boss and told them that “they know.” This ends with Kline’s head blown off by a grenade and his work torched. Grissom and Sara now have no suspect, no evidence, and another person to chase.

“The trick is trying to play it cool,” Fox said of the chilling confrontation. “But I think she was shaking in her shoes.”

‘CSI: Vegas’: Gil and Sara at Their Lowest, But Things Come Together in Next Episode

Jorja Fox also commented that Grissom and Sara are at their lowest points right now on “CSI: Vegas.” They’re investigating a friend, first of all. That brought them down. Now, evidence keeps getting ripped away from them; first they weren’t allowed on the case. Now, Martin Kline is dead, blown up by a grenade to protect his boss; Grissom and Sara have no evidence. They’re essentially starting from square one.

But, Fox said that the next episode is where things start to come together. “I’ve been excited about all of [the episodes],” she said, “but there are two storylines and it’s almost like a mash-up in a way, where there are two universes that are going to collide and they’re going to start to create a web. And episode 6 is when that really takes off.”

Episode 6 is titled “Funhouse,” and judging by the synopsis, it’s going to be a wild ride. Maxine puts the crime lab on lockdown after Grissom and Sara come up with new evidence that points to someone else in the crime lab as the frame-up mastermind. Also, for all you clown-phobics out there, just a warning that this episode involves brutal killings at a clown-themed hotel. Proceed with caution.