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‘CSI: Vegas’ Suspect Escapes As Sara Manages To Snap Pictures of His Vehicle

by Michael Freeman
Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

CSI: Vegas debuted last night and is already off to an exciting start. Providing a small tease, the show’s official Twitter account posted a clip with Sara Sidle chasing down a suspect and snapping pictures of his vehicle.

With no context, the clip begins with Sidle chasing an unknown suspect down a Vegas sidewalk. After cutting through oncoming traffic, Sara follows and rolls to avoid an approaching car. The suspect takes this opportunity to hastily speed off in his own car, but not before the savvy Sidle snaps some photos.

Fans are clearly excited after watching. “Get him Sara!” one user excitedly tweeted. Another has faith in her, saying “He must be new to Vegas… doesn’t he know that the odds are always stacked in favor of the house??”

Other fans just seem happy to have Sara Sidle back, regardless of circumstance. “Sara chasing after suspects like good old times,” one fan writes. Another loves how she acts the same, saying “Going after a suspect without her carrying a weapon. It’s awesome Sara hasn’t changed.”

Naturally, the short clip also fueled speculation about the suspect. Though my bet is he’s a one-off character, one user asks “Unless they catch him in the next 15 minutes, is this guy going to be a nemesis throughout the series?”

Overall, people seem ecstatic some of their favorite characters returned for the new CSI sequel. As long as subsequent episodes follow last night’s format, I think we’ll all be quite happy.

‘CSI’ Creator Provides Biggest ‘CSI: Vegas’ Insights From the Premiere

Continuing over a 10-episode arc, CSI: Vegas premiered last night and people can’t stop talking about it. Recognizing the excitement and buzz around the show, CSI: Vegas creator Anthony Zuiker talked to Parade about his own biggest takeaways from the episode and what we can look forward to.

Beginning with the cast, Zuiker told the outlet about the delicate balance of older characters with new ones. “You bring back all the original cast and nobody new, it puts a lot of pressure to be innovative. If the cast is completely brand new, it’s a lot of a family to love early. But if you do a little bit of both, it feels like it’s a good option to move forward.”

Zuiker also stressed the new show will be more involved and personal than the original CSI. While the original primarily focused on professional aspects of the job, he acknowledges things are different now. “We didn’t really bring our problems or our personal life home, because our rinse and repeat nature of doing these standalone crimes of the week was the most important.”

Likewise, diversity and representation are vital since times have changed since the first show. “Having the proper representation is important for our franchise because a lot of young people watch our show,” Zuiker stated. He also mentioned the number of applicants for CSI jobs has exponentially increased, so it’s crucial they show that.