‘CSI: Vegas’ Teases a Member of the Team May Be Corrupt

by Anna Dunn
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images For CBS)

The CSI franchise is making a major return with CSI: Vegas later this fall, but the show is teasing that a member of the team may be corrupt. CSI: Vegas will take a fresh look at the world the franchise left behind. But to do that, they’re opening the series by taking a look at the past.

A new teaser trailer for CSI: Vegas comes as a shock. It shows a shot of the iconic Gil Grisom looking incredibly stressed along with a chilling voiceover from a news reporter.

“Yesterday, CSI’s uncovered evidence of fraudulent misconduct within their own department dating back 20 years. A suspect has not been identified in a conspiracy that could affect the entire Nevada justice system,” the reporter says in the teaser.

Not only does Gil Grisom look stressed, but a new character, Maxine Roby, head of the crime lab, seems to be taking a lot of heat.

“So 8,000 criminals could get sprung. What we’re really talking about is my lab’s reputation,” she says.

The CSI: Vegas teaser also repeats a chilling voiceover that simply says “Justice is coming. It will be swift.”

It also shows a moment between Gil and Sarah, where Sarah points out that they both know what a staged scene looks like. Gil, however, doesn’t want to get too ahead of himself.

“There’s more to me than meets the eye. How deep are you willing to dig? Get ready for #CSIVegas, coming Wednesday, October 6 at 10/9c on CBS,” the account wrote in a tweet featuring the teaser.

Fans are Excited to see the Return of Gil and Sara to ‘CSI: Vegas’

One thing that CSI: Vegas has going for it that a lot of other reboots and spinoffs don’t is that there are original cast members involved. Fans are particularly excited to see the return of Gil Grissom actor William Peterson and Sara Sidle actress Jorja Fox.

It looks like part of Gil’s return to the crime lab will be to help re-look at old cases. It looks like the entire team will be targeted and nobody will be safe in the upcoming season.

Peterson and Fox, however, were both initially hesitant about re-joining the series. Gil and Sara left CSI on such a happy note. So why bring back what already ended so well? Both actors seem to be stoked to work together again, and it looks like this new series may completely shatter some of the events of the old series and frame them in a new light.

So, do we think the corrupt member of the CSI team that started their work 20 years ago is someone we haven’t seen before? Or will CSI: Vegas shock fans with an old character? Whatever happens, the new teaser definitely has people on the edge of their seats, waiting to see the events unfold.