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‘CSI: Vegas’: The Future Isn’t Looking Bright for Hodges After New Info Comes to Light

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Erik Voake/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Sara Sidle and Gil Grissom are still working away at the Hodges case on “CSI: Vegas,” with Internal Affairs being decidedly unhelpful throughout the process. Grissom found new evidence that at first looked like it could clear Hodges; but, on second thought, it might make things totally worse.

Because Grissom essentially lied to Detective Cross from Internal Affairs; he has proof that Hodges didn’t falsify evidence, but it’s proof that Sara tricked Cross into giving Grissom. Strike one there. Strike two comes when Grissom tells Cross that Hodges did falsify evidence, and he’ll testify for it. Grissom lied, because he knows Hodges didn’t do it. But now he might have to commit perjury; it’s possible his reputation won’t save him this time.

To get the evidence, Sara had to persuade Cross to let Grissom see an old case file. Grissom only needed a few minutes with the file to find the guy who framed Hodges. But now they have the tough act of proving he was framed with actual, admissible evidence. They have a suspect they tricked a detective into giving them, a dog’s tooth, and their word. Not the best evidence in the world.

Hodges is depending on Sara and Grissom to come up with something Internal Affairs absolutely can’t poke holes in. That’s going to be the challenge for the rest of the season.

‘CSI: Vegas’: Sara Urges Grissom to ‘Have Some Faith’

In the most recent “CSI: Vegas” episode, Grissom deals with his “land sickness,” the team finds a dead body at a luau, and Sara and Grissom confront Internal Affairs.

In a clip from the episode, Sara very pointedly tells Grissom to “have some faith” when he starts to doubt. Grissom has had trouble deciding where he belongs, and longs to go back to the boat with Sara. But, as Sara reminds him, their place is at the crime lab, currently. That’s where they’re needed. Hodges definitely needs them there, with him being framed.

The land sickness is a metaphor, according to executive producer Anthony Zuiker. It will come and go as Grissom waffles back and forth between the sea and the crime lab. The balance issues started most likely because Grissom spent so long living on a boat; now when he goes on land, he still feels like he’s on that boat.

All in all, it’s a great metaphor. The sickness comes and goes in real life, as well, so it works to represent Grissom’s indecision. Let’s just hope he can make up his mind soon, and doesn’t just up and leave the crime lab because he misses the boat. He probably wouldn’t do that without Sara; she seems like the only thing keeping Grissom at the crime lab. Her, and the evidence.