‘CSI: Vegas’: Watch Sara Sidle Get Reacquainted with the Lab in Sneak Peek

by Lauren Boisvert

Sara Sidle is getting back in the game in a new sneak peek of CSI: Vegas. In the peek, she meets with Maxine Roby, the new leader of the crime lab, to go introduce her back to the lab. As she leads Sara back, Maxine says, “You’ll love this new lab.”

Maxine takes Sara through the high-tech lab full of glass rooms, high-tech equipment, and bustling with lab techs working away. Maxine takes Sara’s amazement as a moment to give some backstory. She says, “I had that same expression when I got here two years ago, of course back then it still had that new lab smell,” to which Sara responds, quick as ever, “Ethyl alcohol. The more things change.”

Maxine reveals as they walk through the lab that they’re “always understaffed” and that she “love[s] the idea of you [Sara] riding shotgun on this.”

She asks the simple but meaningful question, “You up for it?” To which Sara nods enthusiastically and replies, “I was gonna ask.” Seems like it didn’t take much to get her back on board.

Maxine tells Sara that she can’t carry her gun until the sheriff signs off on it, and Sara just nods in stunned disbelief. “What, you thought there was gonna be a fight?” Maxine asks. “A little yeah,” replies Sara, probably thinking it wasn’t going to be this easy.

Maxine just looks at Sara and says, “Saddle up, sis.” And that’s that, Sara Sidle is back.

CSI: Vegas premieres this week, Wednesday Oct. 6 at 10 on CBS. Look for the regular gang, plus a whole bunch of new faces.

New and Old Team Members Come Together to Investigate on ‘CSI: Vegas’

Apparently, there’s someone corrupt in the crime lab, someone who’s been there for years. That someone is threatening to bring the entire operation down, and it’s up to the old guard and the new team to come together to crack this case wide open.

The crime lab’s reputation is on the line, and who better to save it than the ones who started it? CSI: Vegas picks up six years after the CSI finale in 2015. The finale that saw Sara Sidle and Gil Grissom sailing away into the sunset. But now they’re back and better than ever, retiring from boat life and ready to get back to work.

Of the new characters, there’s Maxine Roby, of course, played by Paula Newsome; as well as Matt Lauria as Josh Folsom, level 3 CIS and occasionally lead investigator; Mel Rodriguez as Hugo Ramirez, “Mastermind of the Morgue”; and Mandeep Dhillon as Allie Rajan, level 2 CSI and “really, really good at her job,” according to CBS Watch Magazine.

Jorja Fox, William Petersen, and Paul Guilfoyle return as Sara Sidle, Gil Grissom, and Jim Brass, respectively.