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‘CSI: Vegas’: What Marg Helgenberger’s Return Means for Season Two

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

After seeing a couple of high-profile stars leave CSI: Vegas, Marg Helgenberger will return as Catherine Willows. What does this mean?

So, it means that the show will have a connection to the OG show itself. That’s a good thing. Let’s see what else it might mean for Season 2 of this series. We get some help from an article by ScreenRant.

This is fantastic news for the show, which airs on Wednesday nights on CBS. After seeing William Petersen and Jorja Fox leave after Season 1, the series was left high and dry without a connection to the franchise. A long-term connection, that is true. Another cast departure was Mel Rodriguez, who played Hugo Ramirez

‘CSI: Vegas’ Would Receive Major Boost With Helgenberger Back On Scene

CSI: Vegas did have a bit of a shaky Season 1. But Catherine coming back on board the Las Vegas unit does offer some good news. New characters Allie Rajan, played by Mandeep Dhillon, and Josh Folsom, played by Matt Lauria, did have some ability to entertain the viewers.

Hopefully, Season 2 will allow for more in-depth coverage and views into their backstories. One reason that didn’t happen for Season 1 is that the big focus was on Petersen’s Gil Grissom and Fox’s Sara Sidle. Willows was a supporting character in the OG show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. She can step right into the slot while allowing CSI: Vegas to stay connected with the OG show due to more focus on Rajan and Folsom.

It also needs to be noted that this show does face a bit of an uphill battle. People do love the CSI shows yet the last spinoff titled CSI: Cyber did not last long on TV. The hope is that with Helgenberger back in the show, ratings and fans might grow in Season 2.

Matt Lauria Looks Familiar From His Role on ‘Friday Night Lights’

Now, to play the game of “where did I see this actor before?” Our subject here is Matt Lauria.

Well, he did appear as Luke Cafferty on Friday Night Lights. Lauria’s role covered 26 episodes and parts of two seasons. Cafferty had a fake home address so he could go to West Dillon High and play for the Panthers. But the dude learns that he’s zoned for East Dillon High and has to play football for the rival Lions.

With this news, Lauria talked back in 2020 with Today about that role. “I watched the first episode of the show […] and I was like, ‘I should have been in this show. I can’t believe I wasn’t in this show.” He would also say that he “felt like it was my mission in life to be on this show.”