‘CSI: Vegas’: William Petersen & Jorja Fox Explain How They ‘Pulled a Jimmy Buffett’ for New Show

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Albert L. Ortega/WireImage)

In the new series CSI: Vegas, CSI alums William Petersen and Jorja Fox are “wasting away again in Margaritaville.”

The pair are reviving married couple Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle on the new show, who sailed off into the sunset together in the 2015 finale movie Immortality. The characters have been living on a boat ever since; Petersen claims they’ve been “working on saving and studying fish, protecting sharks, down in South America somewhere,” according to TV Insider.

“We kind of pulled a Jimmy Buffett,” says Fox.

So, for CSI: Vegas, is the couple still going to be “searching for their lost shaker of salt,” or are they ready to get back to work in the crime lab?

Sara and Grissom’s History

In season 1, right from the start, Sara and Grissom seemed to share a certain chemistry. Grissom is the one who brought Sara to the CSI team, and things ramped up from there.

The couple hit a turning point in their relationship in season 5 of CSI. Sara divulged the secrets in her past to Grissom. Meanwhile, season 6 revealed that they were romantically involved. Fans nicknamed the relationship GSR, standing for “Grissom Sara Romance.” On purpose, it was a play on words with the CSI abbreviation “Gun Shot Residue”.

The couple tried to keep their relationship a secret, but co-workers started to take notice of their easy demeanors around each other. Grissom proposes in season 8; Sara accepts, yet leaves the crime lab and breaks up with him in season 9. Grissom, heartbroken, follows her to Costa Rica. They begin a long-distance marriage, one with many ups and downs. But, eventually, the two sail away together on Grissom’s boat, happily ever after. Seemingly, this leads right into CSI: Vegas.

What’s in Store for ‘CSI: Vegas’?

So, why would Grissom and Sara leave all that behind for Las Vegas?  

“Somebody accuses the Crime Lab of having falsified evidence,” says Petersen, “and it goes back over a long period of time.” This seems like the perfect opportunity to bring back two original members of the CSI team. Executive producer Jason Tracey further explains, saying, “Someone’s targeting the lab. A conspiracy calls into question the integrity of the work we always saw get done.”

CSI: Vegas seems to include “weekly cases,” just like CSI‘s usual formula, but the majority of CSI: Vegas will be wrapped up in this one big case of “whodunit?” Consequently, this formula ups the stakes of the show; putting loved ones in danger, threatening livelihoods, and really ramping up the tension.

CSI: Vegas premieres on CBS on October 6 at 10/9c.