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Current ‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Promoting New ABC Comedy Day After Win

by Atlanta Northcutt
(Photo by Scott Wintrow/Getty Images)

What are the chances that a winner of the long-running TV show “Jeopardy!” is also a co-creator of an upcoming sitcom on ABC, giving him the perfect opportunity to promote his new series?

“Jeopardy!” Contestant Jokes About His Upcoming Series

The upcoming comedy series “Home Economics” will be coming out in two months, premiering on April 7, to be exact. Due to his “Jeopardy” win, he spoke with the Television Critics Association panel on Friday.

Now, follow this mind-blowing coincidence. Michael Colton, who was a winner on “Jeopardy!” and co-creator of the upcoming show, won his first-round on “Jeopardy!” on Thursday. The show’s co-creator is taking home $9,201

Michael Colton Plays Promoter

Colton is the co-creator of the ABC show pairing with fellow executive producer John Aboud. The man also gained a win during his next appearance on the game show on Friday. He won himself the opportunity to participate in the coveted “Final Jeopardy” round. Colton ended up in third place and gave an incorrect answer to the question. He was able to receive a grand total of $3 after his two competitors also missed the question and lost their larger amount.

But, let’s be honest. He’s already won by receiving the opportunity to promote himself. Let’s not forget that he’s also able to stand on the soapbox he was given through his time on “Jeopardy.” This position gives him the ability to announce the beginning of his new show’s premiere. Colton gets another chance to not only win some big money but continue promoting “Home Economics.” He’ll compete on “Jeopardy” once again for two nights with winnings equaling over $17,600.

Colton’s first win, which was previously taped through a Zoom meeting that lasted about 25 minutes. Guess what Michael talked about? “Home Economics,” of course. The show surrounds three siblings, which include several well-known actors and some who are newer to the scene. The roles of these siblings are played by Topher Grace, Caitlin McGee, and Jimmy Tatro. They come from completely different lives with some making great money and others struggling. Colton based the show on his own family.

Is Colton The Current Reigning “Jeopardy!” Champ?

He joked around with a reporter following the episode. Colton acted as though he hadn’t been recognized enough for actually being the “current reigning ‘Jeopardy!’ champion.” He responded with a joke.

“Thank you for bringing this up. I was a little annoyed that none of the people before you brought it up,” he said, acting peeved before taking a victory lap. “We’ll do a separate breakout TCA session later just to talk about it.”

Michael Colton surely knows show business because he was ready to sell his new show and put out some nice promotional words. After Thursday’s “Jeopardy!” he tweeted a nice little message. He pretended to confuse the long-running show with another fan-favorite “Wheel of Fortune.”

“Keep an eye for the embassarring moment when I tried to buy a vowel!” said the jokester.

He kept the tweets coming. The clever Colton was first scheduled to appear on the show last November. He explained how it was “crushing” that he couldn’t make his appearance on the episode since the legendary host Alex Trebek died a day after Michael Colton was supposed to be on the show.

Colton praised the guest host Mike Richards. He said Richards did “a fantastic job” while taping the show several weeks ago.

Say Hello to the Cast of the New Sitcom “Home Economics”

Colton’s advertisements were a success, and his happiness showed while watching a Zoom panel that was filled with the “Home Economics” cast.

The co-producer had to laugh when he saw the face of his writing partner droop in a tired manner as he heard Colton continuously speak about “Jeopardy!” However, Michael made good fun out of it.

“Look at John’s face,” the contestant said while laughing. “John is so sick of me talking about ‘Jeopardy!’ “

“Look, we’ve been working together 20 years now, and it’s just kind of really satisfying for me personally that now I’ve got the answer to a question I’ve long wondered: How could Mike get more annoying? Now, I know,” responded John Aboud in a hysterical response as he didn’t miss a single beat.

We’ll see how the “shameless” self-promotion goes for the upcoming TV show “Home Economics” coming to ABC in April. And get ready to watch Michael Colton continue to play against other contestants on next week’s “Jeopardy!” to root for his success while he roots for the success of his new show.