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‘Da Vinci Code’ Author Dan Brown Reveals His Side of the Story After Wife Accuses Him of Secret ‘Life of Lies’

by Matthew Wilson
Da Vinci Code Author Dan Brown Denies Cheating On Wife
Photo credit: Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Sony Pictures Entertainment

Author Dan Brown sets the record straight after his wife accuses him of living a secret life. His ex-wife Blythe filed a lawsuit accusing Brown of “sordid extra-marital affairs” with four mistresses for six years. She’s also accusing him of “secretly plundering significant sums of their marital assets.” The couple divorced last year.

Brown, who first to prominence with 2003 The Da Vinci Code, has filed a countersuit for libel and slander.

“I’m not going to disparage my former wife like she has me. But the lawsuit was written with no regard for the truth,” Brown told the Daily Mail. “She received half of everything [in the divorce, which was finalized in December], more than half of everything, actually, and I’m shocked that she’s coming back for more and I completely dispute her account of what happened. It’s all been pretty sobering.”

Dan Brown met his ex-wife Blyth in 1990.

The couple was married for 21 years and share no children together. Brown alleged the fame and wealth from The Da Vinci Code made his marriage increasingly dysfunctional. His wife criticized public appearances he made as well as his love of exercise. Brown also says she went vacationing in the Caribbean while his mother was dying from cancer in 2017.

By 2014, Brown said their marriage was in “name” only. His wife, Blyth, filled her time with equestrianism. Brown said he took a year of horseback lessons, trying to bridge the distance between the two. He also suggested marriage counseling, which Blyth declined.

“Our marriage was really over a long time ago. We just went our separate ways,” Brown said. “‘We were great for a long time together, but we just evolved separately, which people do. I’m just sorry that we couldn’t part ways with love and that it turned into this.”

Brown confessed that he did go on dates with several women including horse trainer Judith Pietersen, who he bought a $310,271 horse. But he denied Blyth’s labeling of him as a cheater as “unfair.” He also claimed he gave his ex-wife more than half of his assets in the divorce.

“I choose just to remember all the great times we had and all the creativity that we had together,” Brown said.

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