Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Reveals Game Day Superstitions, Discusses ‘Lucky Cuff Links’

by Jon D. B.
(Photo credit: Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

During a radio interview, Jerry Jones lays out all his game day superstitions – including the story behind his “lucky cuff links”.

The talking heads of 105.3 The Fan have done football fans a favor. During a recent segment, they were lucky enough to have legendary Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones on the air. Within the interview, they ask Jones if he has any gameday superstitions – food or drink in particular – that he has to stick to. In the process, they answer questions many fans have had for decades.

“Oh I have a litany of things that I – I wear,” Jones begins. “And they really have meaning that can go back as far as the early times when we bought the Cowboys. But they principally relate to… my relationship with my father. And he enjoyed french cuffs. Wore them every day – certainly to the extent [of having] business for the day. But his cufflinks are a treasure for me.”

Thankfully, Jones is very open to discussing this tradition of his. He gives a ton of really personal detail without the interviewers having to prompt him. As such, he continues:

“As a matter of fact, when I was just right out of school – I was selling life insurance. I got a jeweler – in exchange – sort of like a barter deal – for the life insurance – I got him to make me these cufflinks that I gave to my father. And I had them designed myself. And I gave them to him and was always really proud that he had them.”

The radio hosts are visibly stunned by the amount of detail such a legend is giving them. Ecstatic with the interview – they just let him keep on going:

“Well, when he passed, [my] mom gave the cufflinks back to me. And I usually have – no matter what – if it’s important enough [to make me think about] the french cuffs – then I’ve got one of those, or both of those, in various pockets – in various places. I’ve put them every place you can imagine. But they’re very meaningful to me, and really I say that is my number one. If I am trying to do something – to give it an edge – as far as from ‘above’ – I mess with those cufflinks in some form or fashion.”

Such an incredible piece of family history – courtesy of the legend himself. Who would’ve thought?

To listen to Jerry Jones discuss his superstitions himself, you can listen to the original broadcast here.

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