‘Dallas’ Stars Patrick Duffy and Larry Hagman Drank Heavily During Production of Hit Show

by Matthew Wilson

Forget who shot J.R. Here’s who drank with J.R. Both “Dallas” stars Patrick Duffy and Larry Hagman used to drink together during production.

First airing in 1978, “Dallas” captured viewers’ attention like no other. In many ways, it felt ahead of its time as must-see TV. Viewers would discuss the show and its various cliffhangers, trying to figure out what happened next. The show aired for 14 seasons providing all the thrills and drama.

Taking place where else but Dallas, Texas, the show revolved around the Ewing family, owners of an oil company, and a cattle ranch. Holding the show together was Hagman as the love-to-hate-him lead J.R. and Duffy as his well-meaning brother Bobby.

But, off-camera, both Hagman and Duffy cared less about oil and more about wine and liquor. It was a practice that Hagman had picked up during his “I Dream of Genie” days. He certainly loved him a good bottle of wine… Or multiple, actually.

The ‘Dallas’ Stars Drank Together

During their downtime, both Hagman and Duffy would share a bottle of wine during their lunch break. But Duffy revealed that was usually just the start for them. The “Dallas” actors would go on to drink multiple bottles of wine throughout the day including in their dressing room. They would also drink late into the afternoon.

“At lunch, we would go off and find a restaurant, have a couple of drinks with our meal. Late afternoon before we wrapped, it was time for a little toddy. Then, after we wrapped, we would sit in the dressing room and have another little drink before we went home to have drinks before dinner,” Duffy said.

So, how many bottles did the two end up drinking on occasion? Hagman once estimated that he would drink around five bottles of wine during a typical day of filming. The actor said he would take small sips throughout a typical 12-hour shoot. Surprisingly, the two never ended up causing a problem or actually getting drunk on set. The alcohol was spaced well enough apart to avoid any such mishaps.

Both Hagman and Duffy sounded like they had a great time on the set of “Dallas” during his reign. The two actors were a big part of the show’s success.