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Dan Abrams Speaks Out About Why Gabby Petito Case Received Major National Attention

by John Jamison
(Photo by Steven Ferdman/Getty Images)

Dan Abrams, the chief legal analyst for ABC News, doesn’t think the Gabby Petito case’s attention had anything to do with her race.

The Gabby Petito case and the search for Brian Laundrie became the subject of national attention for weeks. Some criticized the media for putting an excessive amount of focus on Petito’s situation when hundreds of thousands go missing in the United States each year. Some boiled it down to the fact that Gabby Petito was white. But former Live PD host Dan Abrams begs to differ.

For Abrams, the layers to Petito’s situation simply made for a compelling story. During an interview with OutKick, Abrams discussed the nature of the case and why it captured the attention of so many people.

He mentioned that, in the past, media outlets have played to biases by calling attention to cases of missing white women disproportionately. Dan Abrams can only speak from his firsthand media experience, and he claimed that he hasn’t been seeing as much of that in recent years on Good Morning America.

“The Petito case broke out for a lot of reasons, many of which you lay out. So I agree with you, and I take offense to the people who say you’re only covering this because she’s a white woman. I’m covering it because this is a great story,” Dan Abrams told OutKick.

Dan Abrams feels that the Petito case penetrated so deeply because of the story itself instead of race.

“If you had the exact same fact pattern, with the exact same video leading up to it, with a very attractive woman of color, who is putting up videos of herself with her partner before she goes missing, I think there would still have been a national fascination with this story,” he continued.

Dan Abrams ‘Doesn’t Buy’ That the Media Only Bashed Brian Laundrie Because He Was White

During the interview, Dan Abrams was asked about an apparent media tendency to jump to conclusions more readily when the subject is white. Dan Abrams wasn’t buying that either. Again, for him it came down to the pattern of the story, not the races of the people involved.

“I don’t know about that. No, I don’t buy that. The story had all of the elements for all of the reasons you laid out: a couple goes on a trip, the guy comes back, he then goes missing, there’s the parents, the social media sleuths. There are several reasons a news story pops. They must have multiple layers,” Abrams continued.