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Dan + Shay Reveal Who Their Next ‘Dream Collaborator’ Would Be After Success with Justin Bieber

by Atlanta Northcutt
(Photo by Michael Tran/FilmMagic)

Dan + Shay are setting their sights high on who they want to collaborate with this upcoming year.

Although 2020 was a rough year for the majority of people, newcomers Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney have used this year to prove they have the drive to successfully thrive.

Now, Dan + Shay are becoming more well-known and have a serious arsenal of awards and nominations under their belts.

While walking the American Music Awards red carpet following their wins, the two performers seem astounded, excited, and very down-to-earth.

When a member of the press asked Dan how he was doing, the new country-pop star simply shook his head, smiled, and said, “I’m doing great, man. This is crazy. It’s surreal! Three wins tonight is amazing.”

Dan Smyers is taller and enjoys using the words “dude” and “man” a lot. Although Shay Mooney is less talkative, when he speaks, you know he has something precise to say.

While stepping in front of the press, the boys were asked who they’d want to collaborate with next.

“Well, we’re huge fans of music, in general,” says Shay. “I’d have to say one person off the top of my head would probably be Adele. We’re huge fans of her, and I think she has one of the greatest voices in history. But there’s a lot of people we could think of.”

Dan + Shay on The Weeknd

The duo fanboyed for a moment while thinking about ever collaborating with the popular R&B soul artist, The Weeknd.

“We saw the Weeknd when we were walking in,” says Dan. “We’re huge Weeknd fans. That would be crazy!”

Both Dan and Shay turn to each other and smile, saying, “That would be awesome!”

“Weeknd, if you’re watching this, we love you,” says Dan. Shay quickly adds, “We love you, Mr. Weeknd!”

Dan has another person in mind he’d love to collaborate with, as well.

“Shawn Mendes would be amazing too. He’s a good friend of ours, and we’ve toured together so yeah, we love Shawn.”

As much as Mooney and Smyers seem to enjoy R&B and soul music, a member of the press asked if they’d work on an album including flavors of that genre.

“Dude, I feel like an R&B soul kind of thing would be amazing,” says Dan. “We’re huge Ella Mai fans. She’s amazing, and it would be absolutely incredible to collaborate with her, especially since I love the way Shay sings, and their harmonies would sound fantastic together!”

Before exiting the red carpet, Dan and Shay genuinely thanked the fans as the two still appeared to be in shock after winning.

“Oh, my goodness. You know, first of all, we’re so thankful to our fans,” says Shay.

“This being a fan-voted award makes it extra special to us because, without them, we clearly wouldn’t have the three wins tonight, so we are so very thankful for all of our fans and the support they give us,” states Dan. “This one’s for the fans. You guys did it for us. Thank you all.”