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Dana White Shoots Down Reports About Why Joe Rogan Missed UFC 271

by Hannah Heser
(Photo by Al Powers/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

UFC president, Dana White recently spoke out about Joe Rogan missing the last Ultimate Fighting Championship. Furthermore, the podcast host didn’t show up to the UFC 271 fight on Saturday night (Feb 12).

According to The Spun, Rogan wasn’t able to make the fight due to a scheduling conflict. But the president of UFC, Dana White didn’t agree with that excuse. “There’s no conflict of schedule,” White said. “Joe Rogan didn’t work tonight. Joe Rogan could have worked tonight.”

Shortly after, White admits that he didn’t know what Rogan had to do that night, but he knows there was no scheduling conflict.

“You guys will have to ask Joe Rogan,” he added. “There’s no ‘Joe couldn’t work or anything like that.’ I know that came out and it’s total bullsh**.”

The Many Reactions to the Mysterious Absence

Several UFC fans are making predictions as to why the podcast host didn’t show up to the championship. For example, one fan tweeted, “Joe Rogan has been pulled from UFC 271 a day before the event reportedly because of a ‘scheduling conflict.’ You buy it or is this a woke ESPN request?”

On February 11, MMA reporter, Aaron Bronsteter shared that Rogan won’t be showing up to the fight.

“Per a UFC official, Joe Rogan had a scheduling conflict this week and will not be on the call for UFC 271,” Bronsteter announced. “He is scheduled to do colour commentary for UFC 272 in March. Tomorrow’s broadcast booth will consist of Jon Anik, Daniel Cormier and Michael Bisping.”

As Bronsteter mentioned above, Rogan is supposed to make an appearance at the UFC 272 in March.It’s certainly possible that Rogan wanted to take a bit of a hiatus from the spotlight after he’s been in the middle of controversy.

Did Joe Rogan Want a Break From the Spotlight?

As his fans are well aware, Joe Rogan has been at the center of controversy in recent weeks. Artists like Neil Young have pulled their content from Spotify after taking issue with Rogan’s conversations regarding COVID-19 on his podcast. Also, video resurfaced from his past episodes in which he has spoken the N-word. This also led to other artists on Spotify opting to ditch the streaming platform.

At the time, Dana White rushed to Rogan’s defense over the issues. “You’re not going to cancel Rogan,” White said on the Full Send podcast. “Guess what? This is f***ing America. You can have your own opinions about these things and you can voice them. That’s what this f-cking country was built on.”

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