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‘Dancing with the Stars’: Carrie Ann Inaba May Return as a Judge, Tyra Banks Weighs In

by Suzanne Halliburton
Photo by Jim Spellman/WireImage

We need Carrie Ann Inaba to wipe away a tear and hold up a 10 as she gets emotional when a celebrity overcomes his fox-trot fears.

After all, Dancing With the Stars won’t be the same without Carrie Ann Inaba on judges’ row. So we’re asking — will her leave from The Talk also impact her contributions to Dancing with the Stars?

Back in April, Inaba took a leave of absence from The Talk as she dealt with health issues. Since then, she’s shared her treatment and physical therapy sessions with her fans via her Instagram account. But what about Dancing With the Stars? She’s been a judge on the dancing competition since its inception as a summer reality show in 2005. It’s evolved into so much more.

Tyra Banks, who will be in her second year as host and executive producer of Dancing With the Stars, said she’s hoping to see Carrie Ann Inaba and her paddle for the show this fall.

“She was there way before I was,” Banks said Thursday on Entertainment Tonight. “So I’m gonna be begging her, ‘Please, Baby, please! You gonna be there, right?'”

Carrie Ann Inaba Suffers from Chronic Pain Due to Old Injuries, Auto-Immune Issues

In April, Inaba, 53, announced her leave from The Talk. She said she is dealing with chronic pain and is being treated for an auto-immune condition and lingering injuries from all her years of dancing.

 Doctors diagnosed Carrie Ann Inaba with lupus last year. She also is suffering from spinal stenosis, fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis. The long-time Dancing With the Stars judge said she’d invite her fans along on her journey for good health.

“When it all kind of settles into my mind, I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned in order to help everybody else who might be struggling with similar issues,” Carrie Inaba said. “And I know we’re all kind of struggling. This year was rough opening up. Life is coming back to quote normal, but obviously it’s a new normal. We’re actually moving forward and not backwards.”

Dancing With the Stars probably will throw itself a season-long party this fall. That’s because it’ll be celebrating its 30th season. It would be odd to see the show without Inaba alongside Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli at the judge’s table.

Because of COVID-19 restrictions, Goodman, who lives in England, was unable to join Dancing With the Stars last fall. Goodman should be able to return for the fall. Derek Hough, a former DWTS dancer and choreographer, subbed in for Goodman. Kaitlyn Bristowe of The Bachelorette fame with partner Artem Chigvintsev, won the Mirror Ball Trophy for season 29.

Banks said she’s unsure whether Dancing With the Stars will have a live audience for each episode.

“We’ve been talking about it, back and forth,” Banks told Entertainment Tonight. “Probably not, if I really think about ultimate safety… maybe not yet.”

Carrie Ann Inaba also hasn’t made an official announcement about a return to The Talk. She did congratulate the show when CBS renewed it for a 12th season. So stay tuned.