NASCAR’s Danica Patrick Gives Warning To ‘Next Guy’ After Split with NFL’s Aaron Rodgers

by Thad Mitchell

Sports world super couple Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick are no more and they’re ready to talk about it.

The retired NASCAR driver and Green Bay Packers Quarterback ended things earlier this year after dating for the past two years.

Appearing on Quibi’s “The Rachel Hollis Show,” Patrick talked about her relationship with Rodgers in addition to a variety of other topics. She says her next boyfriend will have his “work cut out for him,” per the New York Post.

“The next guy has his work cut out for him because my intuition, my standards, my boundaries, my wants and needs are off the charts,” Patrick said on the Quibi show. “Cause I’ve gotten to know me so much more. So it’s gonna be so much more narrow and specific. And I think that’s the challenge with a relationship.”

Rumors of the couple’s demise began earlier this year when Patrick “unfollowed” Rodgers on social media sites.

Patrick spoke with Hollis about how she will handle future relationships and how growing together isn’t as easy as it seems.

“I have never experienced growth without pain,” she said. “You either grow together. One grows and one doesn’t. Or you grow apart.”

Rodgers has also been candid about his split with Patrick. Appearing on “The Pat McAfee Show” on SiriusXM’s Mad Dog Sports Radio, Rodgers says he is in a better place with the 2020 football season upon him.

“I have just a new and increased love of life,” he said. “I have made decisions and change and habits that put me in a lot better headspace.”

Whatever Rodgers is doing, it seems to be working as his Green Bay Packers are off to a 3-0 start to the 2020 NFL season.

H/T: USA Today