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Danica Patrick Ranks Her 3 Favorite Matthew McConaughey Films

by Kayla Zadel
(Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images)

Danica Patrick chats about many topics on her podcast with Oscar-winning actor and now author Matthew McConaughy. One of those subjects is his movies, of course.

Patrick says that McConaughey’s storytelling got her thinking about her film favorites from the Texas native.

“For me, as something I just have to say, I have three favorite moves, ‘Contact,’ ‘Lucy,’ and ‘Interstellar’,” the former race car driver says.

Danica Patrick and Matthew McConaughey Talk Movie Selections

The “Pretty Intense” podcast host continues to question the Green Lights author about his selection of movie roles. The conversation takes quite a philosophical turn. McConaughey wants his roles to reflect his message. Additionally, these three movies have some reoccurring theme to them. They are sci-fi but also question the “bigger picture.”

“I’ve always believed that science is the practical pursuit of God,” McConaughey explains. “Personal beliefs and stories that I thought I should be shared.”

After finishing “Contact” the 51-year-old actor wrote down this thought, “God’s backyard is bigger than I thought.”

McConaughey Recounts Hilarious Time on Set

Matthew McConaughey also tells Patrick on her podcast about one time when he thought he was just going to improvise a scene. He says that all he needed to know was the scenario and he had it from there. However, as they were getting ready to film the scene, one of the production assistants walk up to McConaughey and ask if he wants to glance at his lines or sides.

“Well evidently I had a little insecurity about my plan, because I said ‘yeah, let me see the sides.’ Well I open these sides and I’m on my mark about to shoot the scene,” McConaughey then yells out, “Can I get 12 minutes?”

“My thinking was that 12 minutes would be not long enough time to be inconsiderate to the crew but it might also be enough time for me to learn and memorize a four-page monologue in Spanish,” he and Patrick laugh. “Hey, I took Spanish for one semester in the 11th grade.”

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