Danica Patrick Shows Off Beach Body in New Bikini Pics

by Kayla Zadel

Move Aaron Rodgers. Danica Patrick’s revenge body is here to stay. And what’s more, she’s showing it off on social media.

The former race car driver turned podcast and vineyard owner took to Instagram to post about her vacation and tell her fans why she’s been MIA.

“Been a little busy being a mermaid and yogi lately. I hope the new year brings the good contrast to 2020 that you desire. ❤️,” Patrick captions the carousel of photos.

The first photo is of a bronzed Danica. She’s wearing sunglasses, a couple of necklaces, and a strapless top standing in front of the ocean on the beach. Then toggling to the next photo, we see her standing with a friend, holding limes wedges between their lips.

In the third photo, fans can see what she means when the 38-year-old says she’s been a “mermaid.” Patrick is lying in the sand with what looks like a mermaid tail made out of sand. Bikini top and abs are on full display.

Next up is a snap of Danica in front of a hut covered with beautiful throws. There’s also a bonfire lit as she stands with her back to the camera in what looks like the middle of a tropical forest. Swiping to the next photo is a fresh-faced selfie, and then Patrick sitting on a yoga mat, hence the reference to “being a yogi.”

Danica Patrick Potentially Vacationing with Former Rival

The last two photos are of Patrick standing among friends, and after doing a little tag-searching on the last photo, it looks like Patrick was vacationing in Tulum, Mexico.

Additionally, the “friends” she’s standing with in the last photo are actually former rivals. Denny Hamlin is in both of the last two pics, and in the second to last one, he has his arm around Danica. Denny and Danica had a post-race confrontation about five-years ago.

The group photo also includes P.J. Chesson, a former IndyCar driver.