‘Dateline’ Season 30 Premieres as Two-Hour Special with Keith Morrison and Fans Can’t Get Enough

by Samantha Whidden

Following the 30th season premiere of NBC’s Dateline, fans cannot get enough of the two-hour special with the show’s correspondent, Keith Morrison.

As previously reported, the Dateline two-hour episode featured a triple murder that had left authorities completely dumbfounded. One detective told Morrison that the victims were not the typical victims of violent crimes. The case was also described as “extremely alarming and unique” to authorities. 

As Dateline’s 30th season premiered continued, fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts about the case. One person wrote, “Keith coming in with the shade. ‘Did she call the cops? No, she did not. She didn’t think it would be like that.’ #Dateline.”

Another Dateline fan goes on to state in a tweet, “Wait… 30th-anniversary episode? AND it’s 2 hours??? AND it’s narrated by Keith aka The Voice??? let me put on my do not disturb notification and grab some popcorn!! #Dateline.”

The Dateline crew actually responded to that tweet, “Everything you’ve mentioned is true… Thanks for watching! #Dateline.”

More ‘Dateline’ Fans Take to Twitter to Share Their Reactions to the 2-Hour Season Premiere

Meanwhile, Dateline fans continue to share their reactions about the two-hour season premiere on Twitter. “#Dateline season premiere with Keith Morrison = no chance in hell I am anywhere but my couch,” one user wrote

Another fan took to the social media platform to cheer on Morrison as he started interviewing witnesses and authorities involved in the case. Then one fan shared, “‘The more scandals, the better’ is one of the most #Dateline quotes to ever happen @dateline_keith.”

‘Dateline’ Stars Come Together to Talk About the Show’s Success Through the Years

Just days before the season 30th premiere of Dateline, Lester Holt, Keith Morrison, Andrea Canning, and Dennis Murphy came together to discuss the fascination of the series through the years. The show first premiered in 1992 and is considered to be NBC’s longest-running primetime program.

According to USA Today, Morrison stated Dateline is not just about the crime. The show is actually about what happened in the relationships that caused the crime to occur. The correspondent just ask where is the tragedy.

Canning also said that a lot of the so-called “Datelines” are not shot in most metropolitan cities. But actually in small areas. “And every time you interview people, they say, ‘That doesn’t happen here. That kind of thing doesn’t happen here.’ Until it does.”

While also discussing the type of views that Dateline attracts, Morrison said he feels more women tune into the series so they can know the lay of the land when it comes to interpersonal crime. He also believes that Dateline exposes one of the worst episodes that the world has: spousal abuse. Women being harmed by men. “And I hate to say it, but that’s really the basis of so much of the crime that occurs.”