Dave Grohl Hilariously Remembers When He Learned an Interesting Fact About The Beatles

by Will Shepard

When Dave Grohl was just 16-years-old he had already put a music record together. By age 17 he was in a band called Scream. After that disbanded in 1990, he joined Nirvana. Quickly, he established himself as one of the best musicians in the world.

His career is so outstanding that he made a documentary called “What Drives Us.” In the documentary, he shared a hilarious tidbit of information about another famous band – The Beatles.

Grohl went on Jimmy Kimmel’s show to talk about several things in his life. Perhaps the funniest thing he shared on the show was about the band. In a clip that Kimmel showed, off-camera, Grohl asked musician St. Vincent, “Did you know that The Beatles fart?”

The next clip then shows Ringo Starr saying, “If you fart, admit it.” The iconic drummer then laughs hysterically before continuing, “It causes so much trouble.”

Kimmel and Grohl then talk about how ridiculously amazing the concept that The Beatles farting is to them. To cap it all off, the talented musician says, “I don’t think I asked him that question. I think he just offered up that nugget of wisdom to me.”

Potty humor always seems to bring out the inner child, and for Kimmel and Dave Grohl, it certainly did. The two giggled incessantly about the tidbit of information provided by Starr.

Dave Grohl Talked About How Amazing It Is to Record a Song With His Daughter

Another topic that Kimmel asked Grohl about was performing with his eldest daughter, Violet. But, he gave a little background to the story first.

He said that he found a distant cousin who was also making music. But, to him, it was a cool thing to learn because it meant that their musical talent was hereditary.

Then, Dave Grohl launched into the story about getting to perform with his daughter. Initially, he said his daughter was not stoked about joining him on a song. In fairness, Violet is only 15-years-old, so her dad is probably not the coolest thing in her life. That being said, though, she agreed to join him on a song.

In fact, Violet came around really quickly to the idea. Dave Grohl recalled that “At 9 o’clock at night, she texts me and is like, ‘Oh my God! Let’s do it right now!’ So, I ran up to my little home studio in my office, and I recorded the instrumental, did the bass, drums, guitar, and stuff in like 20 minutes. Then she came up and sang it.”

He continued to share their collaboration on the song. Dave Grohl was certainly a little emotional describing the experience he had with Violet.

“It’s the first time she and I have recorded together – just the two of us,” Dave Grohl said. “I’m so proud of it because I love her very much, and she’s an amazing singer.”