Dave Grohl Keeps Up Covering Ways with New Rendition of Billy Joel’s ‘Big Shot’

by Jonathan Howard

It’s the holiday season and Dave Grohl and his Hanukkah Sessions cover series is the gift that keeps giving for eight great nights.

Grohl and producer Greg Kurstin are all about highlighting great Jewish artists and their music during this series. For those that don’t know, Billy Joel is Jewish. Although he didn’t grow up very religious, Grohl insists that is one of, “the great Jews of musical scripture.”

While the Foo Fighters singer is not Jewish himself, he has worked with Kurstin on this series and loves taking part in it. In the cover, Grohl takes on the drums and vocals, which makes sense. Then Kurstin taps away at the piano and xylophone.

Oh, and did I mention they both rock the kazoo? Check out the cover posted to Twitter earlier today.

This is such a great series. This song, released on Night Six of the Jewish holiday, is one of the most iconic of Joel’s career. That is saying something because he is the Piano Man after all. Big Shot is rocky, a little bluesy, and 100% Mr. Long Island.

The best part of the cover has to be the kazoos. I’m not talking about musically, but just for the comic effect. Using the buzzy instruments in place of singing “whoa-oh-oh.” Just a fun video and we can’t wait to see more.

Previous Hanukkah Sessions Covers

This isn’t the first year that Dave Grohl and Kurstin have done this. The two have worked together in the past many times. However, the friends really seem to enjoy this series. Last year, in 2020, there were a lot of great covers. The duo is not afraid to take chances and tackle songs from all genres.

Just, for example, last year the two celebrated Jewish artists such as Bob Dylan, Velvet Underground, and the Beastie Boys. That is quite a disparity in sounds and eras. However, if anyone is up for the challenge it is Grohl.

Dave Grohl Earns Praise From Wolfgang Van Halen

This year, Dave Grohl has put on quite a showing. There are two nights left in the holiday and two more songs that will be released. One of his previous covers this year was Jump by Van Halen. Eddie passed away last year. Since then, artists have done many tributes.

However, when it comes to approval there is only one man’s word that matters. Wolfgang Van Halen loved the cover Grohl and Kurstin put together. He retweeted the video and gave it some very high praise. Wolf is not big on doing covers of his dad hits. He prefers to let his music stand on its own. That doesn’t mean he can’t appreciate another rock legend rocking out to those songs.