David Crosby Apologizes for ‘Disrespectful’ Tweet, Says He Forgot Eddie Van Halen Died

by Chris Haney

Recently, legendary musician David Crosby of CSNY and The Byrds made a disparaging comment about iconic guitarist Eddie Van Halen following his death.

Eddie passed away last Tuesday after a long battle with throat cancer. A few days later on Saturday, the folk music star made a controversial comment when he responded to another user on Twitter. The user asked Crosby’s opinion on the Van Halen guitarist, and he tweeted back a dismissive, “Meh .…”

To make matters worse, the next day, Crosby seemed to double down on his criticism of Eddie saying that the rocker was good, “but not for me.”

“Hendrix changed the world of guitar. Nobody else really,” Crosby tweeted. “…look I get it ..many of you loved Van Halen ….and the one time I met he was nice ….and he was talented  …meh to me means I don’t care that much ….and I don’t …doesn’t mean he wasn’t good ,he was but not for me.” 

Fans of the late guitarist went crazy over the tweets, and could not understand the singer’s stance since Eddie had just died. However, on Tuesday, Crosby tried to clear up his comments and apologized to any fans of the Van Halen guitarist who he offended.

The famous singer tweeted his apologies after disrespecting Eddie so soon after he had passed. In fact, Crosby said he forgot the guitarist had just died when he responded “meh” to another Twitter user’s question.

“yes you Van Halen fans I did just toss off an answer that was not cool …the even more embarrassing truth is ..I didn’t even remember he had just died or I would have kept my mouth shut….I do make mistakes …no offense intended,” Crosby’s apology read. 

Wolf Van Halen Announces His Father Eddie’s Death

On Tuesday, Oct. 6, Eddie’s son, Wolfgang, shared a heartbreaking post on Twitter announcing his legendary father’s death. Eddie, 65, passed away after fighting a long battle with throat cancer. He died at St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica, CA with his wife, Janie, by his side. His son, Wolfgang, and Alex – Eddie’s brother and drummer – were also with him as he passed.

Recently, a source close to the Van Halen family touched on the father and his son’s relationship after the musician’s death.

“He and Wolfie were incredibly close,” the source said. “It’s a huge loss to his son in particular because they were so tight.”

In fact, the duo wasn’t just close as a family, but as band members as well. Eddie passed on his musicianship to his son as the two jammed together early on in Wolfgang’s life. The younger Van Halen was so talented he even joined Van Halen as the band’s bassist in 2006 – at the young age of 15.