David Lee Roth’s Guitarist Posts Emotional Update After Experiencing ‘Scary’ Health Issues: ‘I Am Blessed Beyond Belief’

by Madison Miller

Jason Becker first got started in the music industry when he was only 16 years old. He released the albums “Speed Metal Symphony” and “Go Off!” with his friend Marty Friedman. Later on in his career, Becker would join forces with David Lee Roth and his band. Roth is most known for his vibrant stage presence and killer voice as a part of the iconic rock band, Van Halen. However, he also had a relatively successful career as a solo artist.

Jason Becker joined Roth in recording one album, “A Little Ain’t Enough.” This is Roth’s third studio album as a solo artist from January 1991. At that point in time, Becker was an up-and-coming guitarist looking to put his name out there.

Unfortunately, this album would be the last time Becker would be able to play the guitar to that extent. He was diagnosed with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, a week after joining the band. He was able to finish recording the album, but couldn’t go on tour with everyone else. ALS left Becker with little strength in his hands needed to play the guitar.

Since then, Becker has instead used his talent as a composer rather than a guitar prodigy.

David Lee Roth Guitarist Gives Health Update

After being diagnosed at a young age, Jason Becker has now been living with his ALS diagnosis for over three decades.

Recently, some of his peers created a fundraiser, according to Blabbermouth. All the proceeds went to The Jason Becker Special Needs Trust. Metallica, Steve Vai, Paul Stanley, and Joe Satriani are a few musicians involved. They donated instruments, such as prized signed guitars, to raise funds for Becker.

He had quite the health scare earlier this year.

“Hey everyone, I am finally starting to feel like myself again, after many months of scary health issues, and thinking I was on my way out. Once again, thank you all for your prayers and well-wishes; I honestly feel that energy and I’m very grateful. It feels so good to know you are out there and your kindness and support brings tears to my eyes. How can I possibly thank Herman Li, Nayla, Colleen, Stephen, Amy, and all the musicians who got together and donated their time and guitars and put their hearts into their music, all for my benefit? Your loving words and gestures are humbling and I am honored. Thank you all. I am blessed beyond belief for each and every one of you,” Becker shared on Instagram.

Jason Becker has continued to make music his legacy despite ongoing health issues. Over the past years, he has used only his eyes and a computer to compose songs.

It proves that some health battles can’t get in the way of remarkable talent.