David Letterman Tributes Norm Macdonald After His Death: ‘Cy Young Winner in Comedy’

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Bobby Bank/WireImage)

Among the many messages and dedications to the late Norm Macdonald was David Letterman. The late-night legend shared his own message. Throughout the day so many actors, comedians, and others have shared photos and words about what Macdonald meant to them. Fans have also been sharing their own feelings.

As a comedy legend himself, Letterman gave a wonderful message. Almost poetic, really. While people can say that Macdonald was an icon all they want, it doesn’t really set in until you see the messages from peers in his industry. The comedy world lost a giant today, that’s for sure.

In his dedication, Letterman was sincere and absolutely on point. There are two lines, in particular, that stick out to me.

“Always up to something, never certain until his matter-of-face delivery leveled you/I was always delighted by his bizarre mind and earnest gaze,” the former late-night host said.

“Earnest gaze,” is such a good phrase to use. As Letterman points out, “twinkle in his eyes” is a little played out and with Norm Macdonald, it was clearly something more than that. He seemed to always be calculating and thinking.

His slow delivery was not for nothing. He lulled you to sleep with his setups and stories, sometimes rambling on tangents…then he drops the punchline on you. While at times you thought you could feel it coming, you never really knew. When it did it was surprising and many times obvious all at once.

Truly a “Cy Young winner in comedy,” as Letterman said.

Norm Macdonald Missed by Many

Today, so many people shared their feelings about Norm Macdonald. While it is a sad day, the sharing of his work, jokes, skits, and more have given folks plenty to celebrate. Fans have spent the day sharing links and quotes and other tidbits on social media while friends like David Letterman share their own personal messages.

One of the famous friends of Macdonald, Adam Sandler, shared his own message on Twitter. The two of them worked together on multiple projects over the years. Saturday Night Live, Billy Madison, and other Sandler movies. So, it makes sense that the two had grown close over the years. Sandler’s heartfelt words were shared many times over on Twitter.

Both Sandler and Macdonald were icons of the 1990s. They did take similar paths but did things in their own style and their own way. The dry delivery and calculating thought make for a great host. During his time on the late-night show, Macdonald made Weekend Update his own and garnered a lot of attention because of it.

Amid all the messages and words, one thing is certain: Norm Macdonald is going to be missed by many people around the world. Those that knew him personally and those that didn’t.