Dax Shepard, ‘Parenthood’ Star, Injured in Motorcycle Crash

by Caroline Bynum

Dax Shepard announced on this Monday’s episode of his “Armchair Expert” podcast that he was recently injured in a motorcycle crash. He revealed details of the injury that occurred at the Sonoma Raceway, admitting he was “totally to blame.”


According to his telling in the podcast, he was braking so hard that the back wheel was off the ground. He “clipped the bumper” of another vehicle and flipped over his handle bars. Shepard impressively still managed to get in two more sessions on the track afterwards and did not seek immediate medical attention.

He decided it was “too painful by the end of it” and went to the hospital the following day. Shepard revealed to listeners of the podcast that he was at the hospital for seven hours. There, he learned, “the final tally was four broken ribs, the clavicle’s broken in three places” and was going to need surgery.

Dax Shepard posted an image of his injuries to Instagram on Wednesday. In it, he thanked his “Armcherries”, the name given to fans of his podcast. A shirtless Shepard posed in the mirror, showing off the scuffs and scratches on his upper body.


Fans shared their warm wishes and support in comments on his Instagram. His wife, Kristen Bell, gave him a hard time, commenting “Just politely shaking my head at his nonsense…” in reply to comedian Whitney Cummings’ comment of “Lol bell in the background.”