D.C. News Helicopter May Have Just Confirmed the Washington Football Team’s New Name

by Jonathan Howard

You know, sometimes you plan and prepare for something for two years and it gets spoiled. Like the Washington Football Team’s new name.

There has been speculation. People have asked questions. Folks have dug deep on the internet. However, a day before the announcement, it looks like we are going to know the true name of the team. As a news helicopter went by the team’s facility, the camera zoomed.

If you were hoping that the team name would be a secret until the release date, too bad. There has been speculation and internet sleuthing. But nothing is better than photo evidence, not even internet domain names. Ladies and Gentlemen…Outsiders… get ready for the Washington Commanders.

Check out the video and see for yourself.

There were some hints and big clues along the way. Especially in recent days. Former quarterback of the franchise, Joe Theismann let things slip a bit while on CBS Sports Radio. While talking to Damon Amendolara, he name-dropped Commanders specifically.

“I think the Commanders is a name that is going to be one that hopefully people like going forward,” the former QB said. “There were so many different options, but once again it’s trademark infringement – it’s getting approval from different people. If you choose a name, is there a group out there that isn’t going to like it?”

However, after making the statements, Theismann dialed things back a bit. Now that looks like a bit of a cover-up for a little slip-up. No big deal really, but with the video from tonight, things look like they were pretty clear when he made the statement, to begin with.

The most important thing is that the Washington Football Team moves forward with an actual name and mascot. However, fans might be wanting something more.

Fans React to Potential Washington Football Team Name Leak

It’s probably unfortunate for whatever marketing consultant for Commanders to be leaked, however, it’s out there now. So, of course, fans are going to be reacting to this news. The video has made the rounds and there are plenty of comments.

This fan is just totally over the whole franchise. “Par for the course,” they tweeted.

For this fan, it might be the end of their fandom. They stuck it out, even up to the Washington Football Team era. But, Commanders? Not so sure.

Of course, there are going to be upset fans. Other fans are going to love the name. The majority of fans are going to just keep cheering, get some new gear, and keep things moving. It is hard to kill a true fandom, nicknames come and go (for Washington that is) but sports memories and allegiances last lifetimes.

One holdout for Red Wolves decided to stick to their guns. “Imagine this,” they tweeted. “They did all this to make people believe it’s Commanders and boom…. Red Wolves gets announced.”

While this is good evidence for Commanders, nothing is official until the official announcement from the team. The only thing for certain is they won’t be the Washington Football Team anymore.