‘Deadliest Catch’: Captain Bill Wichrowski’s New Fishing Pic Will Have You Itching to Get Out on the Water

by Katie Maloney

“Deadliest Catch” fans know that viewers don’t get to see a whole lot of calm waters on the show.

In fact, the whole premise of “Deadliest Catch” is to show the unpredictable and often dangerous lifestyle many fishermen face. So, it’s nice to see a different side of the water-life in captain Bill Wichrowski’s latest social media post.

He shared a photo from his boat at sunrise. The waters are calm and the sun offers the most serene and warm light. Along with the photo, Bill simply wrote, “heading out this morning.” It looks like it may actually be a relaxing morning of fishing for Wichrowski. But, “Deadliest Catch” fans know Captain ‘Wild’ Bill Wichrowski will probably find some way to add some excitement to the trip. He wouldn’t be one of our favorite stars of “Deadliest Catch” if he didn’t.

How Did ‘Deadliest Catch’ Captain ‘Wild’ Bill Wichrowski Get His Nickname?

Not everybody does something cool to land a nickname. Sometimes, the nickname just comes into their lives and sticks. But that’s not the case for Captain ‘Wild’ Bill Wichrowski. Bill certainly did something to land that nickname. During an interview with Larry King in 2014, captain Johnathan Hillstrand and Bill Wichrowski talked about how the nickname came to be.

“Well, he had a bunch of guys [crew members] and they hurt a bunch of people pretty bad. Hurt them, like put them in the hospital,” said Hillstrand. “So, Bill came down, got his AR-15 cocked it, shot a couple of rounds out the window. And said, ‘Alright, everybody come around the table. Put your hands on the table.’ And everyone with bloody hands, he went around and broke their hands with the stock of the gun and they were fired. That’s why they call him ‘Wild Bill.'”

Just take a second to absorb that. That’s what Larry King did before asking “Why did you do that?” And Bill Wicherowski had the perfect response.

“They were going to eject us from town. They were going to tell us that we weren’t allowed to bring The Vessel back to town anymore. We couldn’t home base there, put any crab there,” said Wichrowski. “And that was going to change us financially.”

Larry King then asked if Wild Bill ever served any jail time for his actions. Both men laughed and replied “Negative.”

“That’s just marine life,” said Hillstrand.

“It was the wild west back then,” said Wichrowski. “This was twenty years ago.”

The men also quickly followed the story up with warnings for viewers.

“We don’t condone this,” said Hillstrand pointing to the camera.

“Yea, don’t try this at home,” adds Wichrowski.