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‘Deadliest Catch’: Captain ‘Wild’ Bill Wichrowski Goes to ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ in Dirt Road Photo

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Deadliest Catch‘s own Wild Bill Wichrowski is returning to beautiful southern vistas with his latest upload to social media.

For self-professed “Captain of the Summer Bay on Deadliest Catch and avid Sportfishing angler” Bill Wichrowski, work may take him to the hellacious crab fishing conditions of the Bering Sea. But America’s East Coast will always be home. Now, Wichrowski is enjoying his Sunday with a glorious shot of Alabama.

“Welcome to humidity!” one fan replies to Wichrowski’s photo. And an accurate welcome it is. To the Deadliest Catch captain, however, it’s “Sweet home Alabama”. It looks it, too, as this is one gorgeous photo that’ll have anyone wanting to visit the state.

But as fans of the show – and Wild Bill himself – may know, the good captain is not from Alabama…

Check out the shot for yourself below, courtesy of the Captain’s official Instagram:

In reality, Bill is originally from Irwin, PA, east of Pittsburgh. After graduating from Norwin High School in 1975, Bill would join the Navy.

“When his military service ended, the big money earned by Alaska’s king-crab fisherman lured him to the Bering Sea,” Discovery cites in his Deadliest Catch bio. “There, he spent the next 20 years, ultimately working his way up the ladder to captain.”

Before his work on the show, Bill had actually semi-retired to running sportfishing tours out of Costa Rica and Mexico (circa 2005). But then, in 2010, Wichrowski broke back into the industry in a huge way, making it in with the “tight-knit circle of Deadliest Catch captains” – joining the sixth season. In the many years since, he’s become a beloved staple of the harrowing show.

‘Deadliest Catch’s Wild Bill on Show ‘Misconceptions’

This year, Wichrowski gave several interviews concerning his hit show. For one particularly interesting sit-down with ComicBook.com, the captain let fans in on the big ‘misconception’ viewers have.

“I think the misconception where a lot of these people think that they could do this, is we do film a TV show,” he begins for their talk. “That is real, what we do.”

“But to make it interesting, Discovery films the very high points and the very low points. What the viewer doesn’t see is the days and days and days of monotonous, mediocre weather, so-so fishing, just hauling pots,” Wichrowski clarifies.

“It’s not the exciting, big waves. It’s not huge pots – It’s just the grind,” he adds. This makes sense, as none of Deadliest Catch‘s men would be alive if the conditions of their show were 24/7. No one could survive that.

Wild Bill speaks to this, too, offering: “When my crew says we have a 32-hour day, we usually work about 32 hours before we take a break and it’s beyond most people’s comprehension.”

You can say that again. If you want to give it a go, however, then our ‘Deadliest Catch’: How To Become a Deckhand on a Boat is for you.