‘Deadliest Catch’ Comes Away with Empty Nets After Two 2021 Emmy Nominations

by Lauren Boisvert

The Emmys got underway on Sept. 11 and 12, recognizing achievements in cinematography, costumes, hairstyling, production design, editing and sound mixing, among others. Deadliest Catch was nominated for two awards: Outstanding Cinematography for a Reality Program, and Outstanding Picture Editing for an Unstructured Reality Program.

In both categories, Deadliest Catch lost to Life Below Zero, the National Geographic series about remote Alaskan residents. No need to feel blue about it, though; Deadliest Catch will always be a winner in our hearts.

What Happened Recently On ‘Deadliest Catch’

With only two more episodes left until the end of season 17, a loss like the Emmys could get some fans feeling down. But, a new episode premiering on Sept. 14 is cause to celebrate. In the most recent episode, titled “Over the Rail,” Jake Anderson “battles a hurricane” in the Saga, the smallest boat in the fleet; Keith on the Wizard orders his crew overboard to avoid capsizing, and Johnathon finds crab in his cod pots.

The penultimate episode of the season, titled “First in Line,” features Sig Hansen betting he can “zero in on a rare ‘crab highway'” when the crab processors shut down due to outbreaks, Josh and Casey rush to deliver their crab after their pump fails, and Harley risks it all to be the first one into St. Paul.

Tune in to Discovery Channel to watch the new episode on Sept. 14. Conversely, watch all your favorite episodes over and over again on Discovery Plus.

The Show’s Generational Impact

Recently, Captain Sig Hansen spoke with Connect Radio FM and discussed the longevity and impact of the show. He said, “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard families come up to me … ‘My grandson watches ‘Deadliest Catch’ or my granddaughter or my mother or my father.’ It’s just a generational thing where I think families watch it together.”

Hansen also spoke of the work ethic and determination of the crewmen and their dedication to working in such extreme conditions.

Hansen said, “And I still think that’s a good thing [that people follow the show], even though this is a dangerous factor in ‘Deadliest Catch,’ you’ve got that work ethic all the guys have up there. I just think…that’s important for people to see.” He spoke of his own dedication to the job in a rather succinct way, stating, “it’s an addiction, it’s in your blood.”

Deadliest Catch has been on the air for 17 seasons, and soon the 17th will come to an end. The last episode in the season airs Sept. 21 on Discovery Channel, and the synopsis promises risk, danger, and thrills. According to the official summary, Keith searches for his missing crab pots, Wild Bill attempts a risky maneuver that leaves the Summer Bay in peril, and a crewman has to make the “ultimate sacrifice.”

What could they mean by “ultimate sacrifice?” Does someone die in this season finale? Fingers crossed things don’t get that bad.