‘Deadliest Catch’ Creator Thom Beers Lists Lavish ‘Zen’ Home for $8.5 Million

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Leisa Tyler/LightRocket via Getty Images)

When you work with some of the toughest anglers on some of the roughest waters, you need to come home to a relaxing home. Thankfully, for Deadliest Catch creator Thom Beers, he had his “Zen retreat” to come home to.

Now, however, it seems the Emmy-nominated executive producer is on to bigger and more tranquil developments. Recently, Beers placed the Sherman Oaks property on the market. The 5,649-square-foot home is a part of a cul-de-sac in the San Fernando Valley community in L.A. Along with five bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms, the Deadliest Catch creator’s house has plenty of lavish amenities that are sure to put the next owner and any guests at ease.

Picture this: You come home from a long day of work full of stressful meetings and pressing deadlines. The second you step onto your near-acre property, lush gardens with towering trees. Once you pass the pergola, you can hear the peaceful trickle of the streams and fountains, and then the powerful woosh of the serene waterfall.

As you walk across the soothing, natural elements, a school of tropical Koi fish dart underneath your feet in a pond that stretches across the picturesque residence. Then you reach the massive pool and steaming hot tub. After a dip, you can lounge on the balcony and watch the stars come out. Or, you can head to the guest suite for a yoga session/workout with the private gym.

There’s just the small matter of the price for the Deadliest Catch creator’s home – $8.495 million.

Bet you don’t feel so relaxed anymore.

‘Deadliest Catch’ Creator’s Home Is the Peaceful Partier’s Paradise

If you do happen to have a piggy bank (or perhaps an offshore account) that houses $8.5 million, you might want to consider placing an offer on this home, especially if you’re looking for a midpoint between an oasis and an entertainment center.

The Deadliest Catch creator’s home combines tranquility and excitement by providing plenty of relaxing elements while also providing plenty of space for guests. The “Zen retreat” invites its residents to party at peace or perhaps even partake in some group meditation. The property gives the option for any and all entertainment activities.

Listing agent (and former TV producer) Craig Knizek even shared his favorite aspects of the property.

“One of my favorite aspects is how many unique feels the different sections of the house offer. The privacy of the owner’s suite, the exceptional entertainment space by the pool and BBQ, the creativity you feel in the guest house, the privacy and homey comforts the separate apartment gives,” said Knizek.

The agent also admired the “paths under the canopy of magnificent oaks and liquidambars around the meandering stream.”