‘Deadliest Catch’ Crew Face Massive Wave in New Preview

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo credit: Gilles Martin Raget/Kos Picture Source via Getty Images)

Only 3 episodes left until the Deadliest Catch season 17 finale. The official Twitter for the show has gifted fans with another sneak peek of this week’s episode.

It looks like the Saga crew is getting tossed around in the waves in the preview; they’re working on pulling up the anchor among the waves, which is a difficult task. “The waves get really big, the anchor won’t pull,” captain Jake Anderson says in the clip. The video shows the anchor being reeled in slowly, as bigger and bigger waves creep up on the Saga.

“If I don’t follow the cable,” says Anderson, “I’ll rip that winch off and it’ll go right over the side of the boat.” Meaning, there’s the possibility of completely losing the anchor to the waves. At the end of the clip, the cameraman seems to go down with a grunt. Fans will have to find out what that’s all about tonight at 8 on Discovery.

‘Deadliest Catch’: Why Johnathan Hillstrand Chose the Saga

When coming back to Deadliest Catch, former Time Bandit captain Johnathan Hillstrand had two choices: Jake Anderson of the Saga, or Bill Wichrowski of the Summer Bay. Hillstrand easily chose Anderson, saying he chose the Saga because he and Anderson were friends.

His relationship with Anderson was better than his relationship with Wichrowski, at least. Hillstrand told Stuff, “No, you couldn’t give me enough money to go out with Wild Bill.” Both Hillstrand and Wichrowski are seasoned fisherman, and that kind of dynamic would only breed contentment on a boat.

Hillstrand had at least 20 years of experience over Anderson, so their relationship became a mentor-mentee collaboration.

Why the Saga Was Missing in Season 17

In the beginning of Deadliest Catch season 17, the Saga was mysteriously nowhere to be seen. Fans started to speculate wildly, even thinking that maybe the boat sank.

A fair enough assumption, as the Saga has gone through a literal saga of disasters in its lifetime. According to Looper, a particularly disastrous moment for the Saga came in episode 19 of season 16, “Rogue Wave Juggernaut,” where the Saga’s rudder failed. Crewmembers had to jump ship and fix the rudder in icy cold, perilous waters, or the ship would eventually sink. The crew was able to fix the rudder, but in the 42-year lifespan of the Saga, that was only a taste of its misfortune.

As for its reappearance on Deadliest Catch season 17, there was never any explanation for it; the Saga just appeared one day, and fans haven’t gotten any answers as to where it went. Was it being repaired? Did it go out on an unfilmed fishing trip?

Whatever happened, Deadliest Catch fans are just happy to see the Saga back working the waters.