‘Deadliest Catch’: Eagle-Eyed Fans Point of Lack of Weather Element in Latest Episode ‘Winter’s Gambit’

by Katie Maloney

“Deadliest Catch” fans know that crab fishing is no easy task. However, filming people while they crab fish is also pretty challenging.

The “Deadliest Catch” camera operators have to capture what they can as the captains and crew navigate treacherous seas and weather conditions. At the end of the fishing season, film editors piece together all the footage to create storylines for the show. Well, eagle-eyed fans are noticing some continuity errors in a few episodes of “Deadliest Catch.” And they are taking to Reddit to share their thoughts.

“Just watched this week’s episode. About 3/4 of the way through it where Sig pulls 30-hour soak pots with huge crab counts they frequently switch between the captain’s cabin and the deck,” wrote one fan. “Observe every cabin shot shows they are clearly in a blinding snowstorm yet on deck shots have no snow falling.”

Another “Deadliest Catch” fan quickly jumped in to suggest a reason behind the continuity issue.

“I expect the cameraman on deck wasn’t filming at the time you describe,” wrote the fan. “But the stuff Sig said was good content to send. So they take filming material that does not match.”

That makes a lot of sense. Camera operators come away with countless hours of footage. So, of course, editors would use voice clips from one moment with action shots from another. Everything pieces together to tell the story of these brave fishermen at sea.

However, not all fans are that understanding. One “Deadliest Catch” fan voiced their frustration with some of the inconsistencies on the show.

“In season 15 they fish king crab and you see them clearly emptying huge opi pots,” wrote the fan. “Do they think their viewership is stupid?”

Again, we’re pretty sure the two scenes were spliced together simply for the sake of the storyline.

‘Deadliest Catch’ Videographer Reveals the Three Main Storylines the Show Follows

‘Deadliest Catch” fans may be able to spot editing inconsistencies. But can they identify the three main categories off of the show’s storyline fall within? During an interview in 2018, “Deadliest Catch” videographer Tim Dowling revealed the only three storylines you’ll ever see on the show.

“If you watch that show, the main stories revolve around whether or not they’re catching their crab, if there are any technical issues on the boat, or what the weather’s like,” said Dowling. “Every story on the show will funnel under one of those three headers.”

As a videographer, it was Dowling’s job to report the ongoings of the boat to the producers. Based on that information, the producers would then tell Dowling which of the three storylines to focus on while filming.

“So you’ll say, ‘Well, the weather’s been great,” and they’ll be like ‘Okay, don’t go that direction,’” explained Dowling.