‘Deadliest Catch’: Here’s Why the Crab Pots Need to Be Flipped Around When Pulled Up Out of the Water

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Hugh Hastings/Getty Images)

Deadliest Catch viewers are debating why crab pots need to be flipped, and thankfully one fan with intimate knowledge of crabbing holds the answer.

Ah, Reddit. Land of infinite memes and sometimes, just sometimes, the answers we seek. Such is the case this weekend for Deadliest Catch fans, who are debating one of the show’s most iconic facets.

More specifically, u/EitherReward7 poses the hot topic to fellow Deadliest Catch fans with “Does anyone know why the pots need to be flipped when they get craned up? Why not rig the rope to the other end?” they ask.

For context, the Redditor explains that “When all these boats crane the pots up even with the boat, the deckhands have to flip the pot around to get it to open right.” Something Deadliest Catch fans are intimately familiar with, right? But “does anyone have any real crabbing knowledge who can tell me why they don’t flip the way the door opens + rig the rope to the other corners of the pot, so they wouldn’t need to flip it every time?” – That’s the real question here.

User Pac4 comments with “It probably spins around underwater as it’s being hauled up.” But that can’t be the whole crabbing answer, can it?

“Maybe,” OP EitherReward7 replies. “Might be that I’ve seen that so many times that it doesn’t actually come up that way every time but just seems like it to me.”

Other Redditors aren’t even sure “which corners” the OP is discussing. “The same corners that the door opens on? Do you mean the bottom vs the top on the side its already tied to?” another Deadliest Catch fan asks.

To further clarify, OP says they’re concerned with the “bottom vs top on the side its already tied to.”

‘Deadliest Catch’: The Proof is in the Crabbing

So what gives? As it turns out, the Redditor who asks about specific corners on the crab pots happens to be the fan with intimate knowledge of crabbing.

As such, user chilliophillio lays some knowledge on us fellow Deadliest Catch fans by finally giving a straight answer:

“They just come up they way the come up,” chilliophillio details. “You do everything you can to make it pull up right, tie the bridal up high and hope that it comes up right but it’s really just a 50/50 chance.”

And with that – now we know! In addition, chilliophillio continues to lend knowledge, specifically explaining why Deadliest Catch viewers may have these misconceptions about crab pots.

“I think you’re just seeing what they want everyone to see, us struggling and having to do work,” he says. “You don’t exactly see all the sunshine and rainbows + things going right for us. No one is excited to spin the pot and listen to it slap the side of the boat.”

In the end, the crabber says “We’ve done almost everything we can think of to make the job easier + the 20+ year captains who’ve seen every set up imaginable and don’t have a better way yet.”

Talk about going the extra mile. Deadliest Catch fans are a fine crew. Major thanks to said Redditor contributors for clearing the air, er, crab pots, for the rest of us.