‘Deadliest Catch’: How Josh Harris Described Filming During the Pandemic

by Joe Rutland

Captain Josh Harris has stayed busy when it comes to working on “Deadliest Catch.” That even includes filming in the pandemic.

Harris talked about what was going on with him and the show in a 2020 interview with TV Shows Ace.

When asked if he flew on airplanes during the pandemic, Harris said, “Yes, I did fly.

“I flew from Las Vegas to Seattle, and there were four people on my flight and it was spread out,” the “Deadliest Catch” star said. “So obviously, I showed up in a Tyvek suit, which is the wrong thing to do at the airport, no matter what’s going on.”

Harris laughed then said, “So I’m asked to remove that and, that’s understandable.

‘Deadliest Catch’ Star Said He’d Gone To Oregon and Seattle

“But, other than that, that’s about the extent of my travels,” he said. “We’ve gone to Oregon, actually, I had to do some filming for Discovery. I went down there and that was right when Seattle was shutting down.

“If you could have seen the fear in the eyes of the people from the hotel when they found out I came from Seattle,” Harris said. “I came into the hotel and I give the guy a high five, and he’s like, ‘Hey, you’re in a good mood. Where’d you just come in from?’ (And) I said ‘Seattle…’.”

“Deadliest Catch” continues following the Bering Sea adventures of crab fishermen out on the churning, choppy waters.

The Discovery Channel show has been on the air for 17 seasons. Josh Harris took over as captain of the Cornelia Marie after his father, Captain Phil Harris, died in 2010.

Harris works with Captain Casey McManus on the Cornelia Marie. They join Sig and Mandy Hansen, Jake Anderson, and Johnathan Hillstrand as captains of fishing boats on the show.

Sig Hansen Pushed For Alliance Among Crews For Season 17

When it comes to seeking an alliance among “Deadliest Catch” crews, then it’s something hard to pull off. But Sig Hansen looked for that to happen this season.

According to Nicki Swift, Hansen wanted this alliance between fishing boats in the Bering Sea waters. Hanson said he did it because of difficulties facing all vessels this season.

What was so unique about this season?

“We didn’t have a survey to go by, the summer survey, so understanding that was key,” Hansen said. “And, you know, without a season this year, you’re looking at a potential two-year shutdown of the protocol. So we had a lot on the line this year, more than any.”

Viewers of the popular show will have to see how everyone worked together (or didn’t) as “Deadliest Catch” rolls on for The Discovery Channel.