‘Deadliest Catch’: How Sig Hansen’s Father Prepared Him to Be a Fisherman

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

Captain Sig Hansen of Deadliest Catch has been in the crab fishing game for a long time. His father was a fisher, and his Norwegian roots run deep and proud. Ever since he was 22 he has been a boat captain out on the Bering Sea. By that time, he had 10 years of experience out on the waters.

When he was young, Hansen was given opportunities by his father. There were many formative experiences that led him to the career he has now. Really, when he talks about it, it’s hard to imagine a different result for Hansen.

“When I was a kid, the first time I was on a crab boat I was 12 years old,” the Deadliest Catch star said to We Are the Mighty. “Every summer from there I would participate by fishing for Blue King Crab, Gold Fin Salmon. In the Bering Sea, or if we went to Norway as a family, I would have a job over there to fish for cod or mackerel or herring. I was always busy in the summer.”

That is quite an upbringing. It is no wonder that Sig Hansen has been in the business so long. It is a family business and after a while, when responsibility is thrust upon you, you take it. During his first few years as a captain, Hansen was barely old enough to buy alcohol. However, he “winged it,” and he and his crew made it through those early years.

It can’t always be easy for a young captain. However, the captain had the confidence and approval of his crew. After an older captain retired, they didn’t want an old man at the head of the boat. Instead, they opted for the young but experienced Hansen. Now, he stars on Deadliest Catch.

‘Deadliest Catch’ Star Sig Hansen Taught Daughter Differently

While Sig Hansen doesn’t have a son to work on the boat, he does have a daughter. She is tough and plenty capable. Over the years, Mandy has worked her way up as well. She started helping out during Salmon Tendering Season at the age of 13. That’s when the North Western works as a taxi for the salmon boats and to the processor.

However, her upbringing is different from her father’s. The Deadliest Catch captain says the approach is “apples and oranges.” He also talked about the similarities the two have with one another. A “chip off the ol’ block,” as it were.

“We would stay out there and be productive and busy. She was a really young gal, fishing ever since. We have common ground there, [as far as] growing up.” However, that doesn’t mean that Hansen put his daughter through the same tests his father did.

The Deadliest Catch star knows that leaders take time to build. Eventually, if Mandy wants to be a captain, she will have to be thrown in the deep end. However, it seems that she is going to have all the experience she could ask for if she ever takes that honor.