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‘Deadliest Catch’ Star Josh Harris Says He is ‘Missing Hawaii’ in New Update

by Courtney Blackann
Photo by David Yellen/Corbis via Getty Images)

While the scenes of “Deadliest Catch” are filled with giant waves, rain and freezing temperatures, Captain Josh Harris got a bit of a break from the harsh weather while filming down in Hawaii. Now, the star says he misses it in a new Instagram post. And who can blame him? Trading the Bering Sea for the crystal clear waters of the Pacific is a no-brainer.

After discovering a lost map of his late father’s fishing spots, Harris along with fellow captain Casey McManus headed south. The two embarked on a mission to fish the spots and check out the scene in a new segment called “Deadliest Catch: Bloodlines.” And it all happened by accident.

When Harris discovered the map, he wasn’t quite sure what to do with the information. However, he and McManus quickly decided to just get up and go. Soon producers of the show asked if they could tag along and film whatever the captains found. It turned out to be a successful journey.

“We’re getting on an airplane and we’re going to Hawaii. We’re really doing it. They were already filming us doing the boat stuff. So they’re like, ‘well, we’ll, we’ll tag along to this. This sounds interesting.’ And they [Discovery] do a full-blown show! We didn’t anticipate that we were going to shoot for this, it just kind of happened.  I’ll say that there are talks about still going back and doing another round [of Bloodline],” Harris said.

The experience not only led Harris on a fun adventure, but he was able to feel close to his father, Captain Phil Harris, as he explored the Pacific.

“This was kind of an experiment that we did and it turned out to be really cool. I got to learn a lot about my father. It was a success all the way around,  the viewership was good and I got to learn more about fish that I still can’t pronounce,” Harris said.

He added:

“Also, I learned about what my dad was doing it in Hawaii, and running into people that he met and things like, [my dad] had a sign that’s on the walls still today in this office [which] is kind of funny to read what he’d wrote to people. Because I remember, back in the day, when we get together and do the Catch Cons and the stuff that he would write on people’s autograph cards,” he said.

Harris followed in his father’s footsteps as a fishing captain. Once Phil Harris passed away, Josh Harris wanted to continue the lifestyle but didn’t have the finances to run his own boat. He soon partnered with McManus and the two have been a team ever since. Between running the Cornelia Marie and filling fishing quota, Harris stays busy year-round.