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‘Deadliest Catch’: Josh Harris Shows Off Absolutely Monster Tuna From Fishing Trip

by Courtney Blackann
(Photo by David Yellen/Corbis via Getty Images)

Captain Josh Harris is usually spending long nights hauling in loads of massive king crab. Grueling days roughing it on the Bering Sea, you’d think in his off time this “Deadliest Catch” star would stay far away from the water. But that isn’t the case for most fishermen – they just love it too much. Such is the situation with Harris, who’s showing off a monster catch in his latest social media.

In a post on Instagram, the “Deadliest Catch” captain shares one hell of a tuna. He’s all smiles with the massive fish front and center, its fin sticking straight up in the air.

Simply captioning the post, “#fishing,” Harris is showing that he’s having a fun day at sea. You can’t keep a fisherman away for long, we suppose. And with his two buddies and a clear blue sky in the background, it looks like a fantastic time.

Let’s hope the trio celebrated with a few cold ones once they got back to the dock.

‘Deadliest Catch’s Josh Harris Discusses Brother Coming Back Being a Possibility

While cranking in a monster tuna and spending some good time with buddies is more vacation than work, Harris knows that when it comes to making ends meet, there’s no fooling around. And once he steps aboard the Cornelia Marie alongside co-captain Casey McManus, Harris is all business.

And he’s found a new way to expand that business. This involves an accidental spinoff show, “Deadliest Catch: Bloodline.”

Harris and McManus follow an old fishing map to Hawaii where they trace Josh’s father’s old stomping grounds. Phil Harris passed away years ago and Josh felt like the maps from Hawaii were drawing him closer to his dad. This also led producers from the Discovery hit to travel along with him and McManus and film a few scenes. Thus, “Bloodline” was born.

And more recently, Harris discussed the possibility of his brother Jake coming on the show. Jake had originally been a cast member of “Deadliest Catch” but he struggled with some very deep addiction and personal issues. Harris opened up about the idea of Jake re-joining the team for “Bloodline” and gave updates on his health as well.

“I have boats in Seattle right now, and we’re retrofitting them, and he was just working right next to me a second ago. He’s been doing really well and just taking baby steps with him, and he’s still working through this stuff,” Josh shared. “If he’s comfortable and feels good enough and strong enough to come back to work, then we’re here with open arms for him.”

The Future of Jake and Josh Harris Working Together

He goes on to add: “There’s a little talk that maybe for season three, he might be there for a bit of Bloodline. We’ll see,” Josh revealed. “And talk about maybe having him come back to the boat. So we got a lot of stuff that’s entirely up to him and what the network thinks and everything. This is the first time we’ve actually hung out on a daily basis in over 12 years. I’m really proud of him, and he was always funnier than I was by a long shot and is definitely back full force.”