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‘Deadliest Catch’: Mike Rowe Shares ‘Delightfully Disgusting’ Photo of Show’s Progress

by Katie Maloney
(Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

For 17 seasons, Mike Rowe has revealed some of the riskiest moves fishing crews take to land their catch on Deadliest Catch.

Now, Mike Rowe is celebrating his birthday on the set of Deadliest Catch. Mike celebrated his 59th birthday this week. To celebrate the day, he posed for a photo on top of… something “delightfully disgusting.” It was actually a crate full of jellyfish.

Along with the photo, Mike wrote, “As birthday presents go, this was a pretty good one. I’ll let you all know how things progress. We shot all week in Georgia and Florida. I’m pleased to report that everything still works, mostly. On the other hand, everything is sore… PS. Yes, those are jellyfish. And they are delightfully disgusting.”

Mike Rowe Overcame Stuttering as a Kid

Mike Rowe has an incredible ability to make a sewer inspection job seem soothing. There’s something about his voice, his confidence, and his upbeat energy that just draws people into his shows. So, it’s hard to believe that Mike struggled with a stutter for years of his childhood. In fact, it wasn’t until his teacher and choir director encouraged Mike to audition for the school play, that he was able to overcome the stutter.

Mike attempted to perform his character’s monologue during the audition. But he couldn’t help stuttering through the lines. So, his teacher told him to get into character. He told Mike that the character didn’t stutter. Mike took the time to get into character and tried again, this time performing without any stutter at all. Who knew it could be that simple? From then on, Mike continued to pursue his acting passions.

Mike Began His Career as a QVC Shopping Channel Star

Before he was the dirtiest man on TV, Mike Rowe landed his first TV gig as a host on the QVC Shopping Channel. That’s right – before he took on the nation’s dirtiest jobs Mike Rowe was a home shopping channel star. In his bio on his website, Mike writes that during his time with QVC he “practiced at the art of talking for long periods without saying anything of substance. A skill that would serve him well as a TV host.” 

After his time with QVC, Mike took on as many acting gigs as he could find. Until one day, he pitched his idea for a three-hour special to the Discovery Channel. Discovery ended up turning the special into a series and immediately ordered 39 episodes of Dirty Jobs. The rest is dirty TV history… not that kind of dirty, you know what we mean!