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‘Deadliest Catch’: One Captain Left the Show for a Heartbreaking Reason

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Yuri SmityukTASS via Getty Images)

While the Deadliest Catch stars battle rough waves and driving rain on the Bering Sea, one cast member weathered a different kind of storm back on land.

When Elliott Neese began his career on his crabbing boat Saga, the young fisherman was only 28-years-old. With a motivated crew and loving family at home, it seemed that Neese had the best of both worlds. Unfortunately, Neese’s time on Deadliest Catch would end just four years later, when his battle against drug addiction became too great for the captain to conquer without help. At just 32 years old, Neese had to leave his crew behind in hopes of bettering himself on land.

Neese’s departure wasn’t without emotion. During the crew’s final days on Saga, the captain went so far as to threaten one of his employees. Other crew members and Deadliest Catch co-stars expressed their sympathy for Neese’s stressful situation but ultimately knew that the Bering Sea was not the place for him to be at the moment. Once the Saga crew reached land, Neese had nothing else to say to the cameras and left without another word.

Check out what the Deadliest Catch stars had to say about Neese’s early departure.

As revealed in the clip, the Deadliest Catch star’s battle with addiction was no small feat. At one point, Neese spent roughly $100,000 on cocaine. While discussing the problematic purchase with a friend, Neese claimed that he didn’t see an issue with his habits.

“Everyone around you knows you got a problem, Elliott,” the friend responded.

Co-star Bill “Wild Bill” Wichrowski expressed his sadness over Neese’s current condition.

“The kid had the world in his hand, but he let this thing get the best of him,” Wichrowski shared.

Where is Former ‘Deadliest Catch’ Star Elliott Neese Today

According to Distractify, following Neese’s departure from Deadliest Catch, the captain completed a 60-day stay at a rehabilitation clinic. While it’s unclear whether the former Saga captain has kept up with his sobriety, it does appear from his Instagram that he’s on a much healthier path in life. Besides spending time with his pet rabbits, Neese has returned to the icy Alaskan waters with a new vessel named Aleutian No.1. Whether or not the ship will appear on Deadliest Catch, the captain is at least returning to his passion in life.

Recently, Neese has even picked up a new hobby, bow hunting. With his newly acquired Bear compound, the former Deadliest Catch star planned on taking down his “first moose” on October 1. Hopefully, for Neese, his new pastimes point to a future of healthier decisions and a long career on the Bering Sea.