‘Deadliest Catch’: See Some of the Most Exciting Snapshots From This Season So Far

by Jon D. B.

Catch the best Deadliest Catch snapshots from this season – all the way up to “Quid Pro Crab” – all in one place with your fellow Outsiders.

Did you catch S17, Ep17, “Quid Pro Crab” Tuesday night or Wednesday afternoon? Another absolutely killer episode! Within, the Deadliest Catch Captains scramble to meet an expanded quota in the path of a violent system dubbed “Squall-pocalypse.” How’s that for a setup?

It is the breakdown on the Wizard, however, that steals the show. With Monte in debt to the Time Bandit – and Josh and Casey exceeding their own quota when it comes to injuries on deck – “Quid Pro Crab” has it all. And you won’t want to miss it if you haven’t dove in already.

In the meantime, Discovery has a full gallery of incredible shots from Season 17 so far. “Watched last night’s episode and need more #DeadliestCatch content? You’re in luck! Take a look at snapshots from this season so far here,” the network offers on their official Deadliest Catch Twitter account.

Be sure to click the tweet above for more shots every bit as fantastic as ol’ Wild Bill and his double rainbows above.

Audiences are loving the shots, and the Episode 17, so far, too. Deadliest Catch fan Karyl replies that she’s “So happy Jonathan outwitted Monty/Keith! How much would that have cost Monty and the Wizard to go into town and wait for that part? Next time they need a favor I hope Jonathan remembers!”

“Yeah, some thanks for saving them a week+ and no telling how much $$,” responds C.V.

‘Deadliest Catch’ Only Gets Better From Here

From Saga Deck Boss Joe pushing crab, to his crew diver Winston getting ready to dive underwater, there’s a ton in this gallery for fans to love.

There’s a bit of a spotlight on Wild Bill, too, which – who can blame Discovery for giving the man the treatment. And who could forget the moment the Southern Wind had to help the Cornelia Marie by lending them their spare block?

So what’s next for the captains and crews of Deadliest Catch? Come August 24, Season 17, Episode 18 will hit with “Winter’s Gambit.”

Next week’s episode sees an Arctic storm blast the fleets hard, with Sig and his crew caught in the middle as he decides to venture to deep waters he hasn’t fished in over 17 years. Meanwhile, Johnathan steers the Time Bandit into 30-foot waves in a hail Mary run for Russia.

Is it any wonder we love this show so damn much? Top all that off with Captain Keith attempting a risky maneuver to save the Wizard – and we’re sold ten times over.

You can catch Season 17, Episode 18 on Tuesday, August 24 at 8 p.m. / 7 Central. Or, catch it the following Wednesday, Aug. 25, at 12 a.m.